Magaly Medina to Gisela Valcárcel: The ebullient reply she sent to the host of “El Gran Show”.

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Magaly Medina reacts to Gisela Valcárcel.  (capture)
Magaly Medina reacts to Gisela Valcárcel. (capture)

Magaly Medina responded Gisela Valcarcel after the haunting message he sent Gisela Valcarcel at the premiere of ‘The Big Show’. The popular “Señito” made headlines by addressing the journalist to remind her of all the harm she had done to her over the past 25 years.

The popular “Urraca” began her program by recalling the reasons for her rivalry with “Señito”. “Our rivalry dates back to my days as a critical television columnist for ‘Oiga’ magazine, many years before I was on television. At the time, I sharply criticized TV shows and public figures like Gisela Valcárcel, who answered me from her platform. So from there, a few years later, I make the leap onto television and my animosity with Gisela begins, he continues (…) She’s a hypocrite, but I never thought she was a dead liar. He said say a lot of barbarism. I was the person who exposed her. He doesn’t deserve any respect,” he said in the first few minutes ‘Magaly TV La Firme’.

The ATV character was outraged by the presence of “Robotín” on “El Gran Show” following the infidelity scandal in which he starred a few days ago. “What’s the matter with you Giselle? Locate yourself. It’s good that you’ve been a “Cantinflas” all your life, but now it’s well deserved that you have the one they call “Farisela” because you’re a Pharisee in every sense of the word,” she said.

Magaly Medina calls Gisela Valcárcel a “farisea”. (quad bike)

“I will always defend what is right and fair. By profession you should call yourself a pimp, not a communicator or an entertainer, your profession is to be a pimp,” he said after seeing Giuliana Rengifo and Robotíns Ampay mentioned, assuring that the blonde is covering infidels.

After hearing Gisela Valcárcel claim that Magaly Medina had called her “stupid” in the past, the driver denied her, assuring that she had never insulted her, reminding her that it was she who gave her “the Eyes open” to recognize her ex-husband’s infidelity Roberto Martinez.

“I was the one who opened your eyes to your marriage to Roberto Martínez. He woke up in a disco and I recorded it for my program. We’ll track him down and tell you. Calling you stupid wasn’t a word I used, maybe I said you do stupid things but not stupid. So don’t lie to people because I’ll get the files and you’ll look bad,” he said.

Magaly Medina denies insulting Gisela Valcárcel. (quad bike)

“‘Magaly we slept in the same bed’ and I did her version of her. That’s why I never believed Tula Rodríguez, because I assumed that what she was telling me in those minutes was true. That was the only time I spoke to her.”

Magaly refers to the statements made by Gisela, who in her program asked advertisers about their support for Medina. “The public has already recognized that we sail the flag of honesty. Don’t mess with my advertisers or my channel, you will lose.”

“Here we do you a lot of good because I think my life story really serves as a role model for women so they know how to get on, but if we remember your life story and how you got into television, how you climbed it is not exactly an example that no girl, teenager or woman could follow. I’m not reminding you because it would be offensive to my audience,” she said dazedly.

Magaly Medina reacts to Gisela Valcárcel.  (capture)
Magaly Medina reacts to Gisela Valcárcel. (capture)

Last Sunday, October 1st, some media outlets turned to Magaly Medina for their opinion on the words of her constant television rival. He also used his social networks to comment on the participants of “El Gran Show” such as Robotín, Giuliana Rengifo, Melissa Paredes, Dalia Durán and others.

“I told you, she talks about God and presents the whole rot of show business as stars. What a hypocritical woman,” she wrote of images from the reality show, only to later share a video in which the “Señito” says she hopes the journalist will talk about her on her show. “I’ll do that. With great pleasure. You didn’t even have to ask me.” Indian.

“She lives off my Ampays, I said so, she acknowledges everything I do, I work for her. This woman is so hypocritical, she’s the biggest pimp on TV. Remember what he did to Karla Tarazona, she breastfed her baby and encouraged Domínguez’s infidelity with Chabelita, that’s the worst pimp and hypocrite that she is,” he added to Trome.

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Magaly Medina prepares to answer Gisela Valcárcel.  (capture)
Magaly Medina prepares to answer Gisela Valcárcel. (capture)


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