Lourdes León’s first single: Madonna’s daughter goes among the singers

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Lourdes Leon’s first single
Madonna’s daughter goes among the singers

As is well known, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It is therefore not surprising that Madonna’s daughter Lourdes León is now trying to become a singer. “Lock&Key” is the title of their first song, for which a music video was also produced.

Lourdes León, the eldest daughter of pop superstar Madonna, has released her first single. As an interpreter of the song “Lock & Key”, the 25-year-old took the stage name Lolahol.

In the music video for the house number, which was released at the same time, León travels through her native New York, among other things. Many scenes take place in the Machpele Cemetery in the Queens borough. In the last scene of the video, she can be seen with a giant heart-shaped lock on the beach.

Leon had told “Interview” magazine in October that she had “no specific career goal.” She enjoys modeling and dancing, but is actually less interested in acting and singing.

“I can sing”

“Honestly, actors annoy me and I can’t be with them. As for music – I can sing. It just doesn’t interest me. Maybe that touches a nerve in me too,” says León.

When it comes to her career, León said her mother always advised her to be careful about what you wanted to be known for. Until now, she had focused on working as a model. She has already posed for the underwear brand of Rihanna and the fashion label Calvin Klein.

Lourdes León is the daughter of Madonna and Cuban dancer and fitness trainer Carlos León. She was born on October 14, 1996. In addition, Madonna has son Rocco, born in August 2000, from her marriage to director Guy Ritchie. Finally, the “Queen of Pop” adopted a total of four children from the African country of Malawi.

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