‘Looking better than ever’: GG Anderson overcame facial paralysis

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“Look better than ever”
GG Anderson has overcome facial paralysis

Earlier this year, GG Anderson shocked his fans. He suffered from facial paralysis and looks like he’s “coming off the ghost train,” the pop singer explains. At the same time, he is optimistic that he will be able to beat the disease. Rightly so, as it turns out.

GG Anderson can breathe easy. The pop singer has survived his facial paralysis. Shortly before Christmas last year, the 72-year-old suffered from right-sided facial paralysis, and doctors blamed nerve inflammation. Nine months later, Anderson has now recovered, he confirms to the newspaper “Bild”. “I’m so glad this nightmare is over,” he says.

According to the singer, he was afraid that “the paralysis would never go away”. Anderson makes it clear: “If she had stayed, I would have ended my Schlager career too. Then I would have just been ready for the ghost train.”

Several therapies have led to success, Anderson reports. According to the newspaper “Bild”, he was treated with occupational therapy and acupuncture. Speech therapy also helped him overcome his language difficulties.

“That’s Real Love”

“I look better now than ever, the disease was like a makeover,” Anderson explains now with some relief. The fans who made him feel “love me even with a disfigured face” would have helped him the most. Accordingly, it was “absolutely good” to “go on tour and not hide despite facial paralysis.”

The musician emphasizes that he is also grateful to his wife Monika. It was “not easy” for her to “get through this time with me,” he’s sure. “But Monika was firmly by my side. And she would have stayed with me if the paralysis hadn’t gone away. That’s real love!”

More than 1000 songs composed

Born in December 1949 in Hesse, whose real name is Gerd Grabowski, Anderson began his music career in the 1960s. He appeared under various pseudonyms before calling himself GG Anderson in 1980 and scoring a minor hit with the song “Mama Lorraine” (1981).

While Anderson’s success as a singer has remained manageable, he has left a distinct mark as the composer of over 1,000 songs. The songs “Schachmatt” and “Love me one last time” by Roland Kaiser were written by him, as well as Heino’s “Yes, yes, Katja, she has”.

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