Long line in front of the cathedral: thousands in Scotland cry for the Queen

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Long line for the cathedral
Thousands in Scotland cry for the Queen

Before the Queen leaves Scotland for good, her supporters are given a chance to say goodbye. People waited hours in front of St. Giles Cathedral to mourn the monarch’s coffin. One of them describes the atmosphere in the church as “absolutely wonderful”.

Emotional scenes played out as Queen Elizabeth II bid farewell to Scotland. The closed coffin was placed Monday at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh so the public could pay their respects to the monarch who died last Thursday. British media reported that many people burst into tears, bowed to the coffin or made a curtsy.

The Sun newspaper published photos of mourners crying and holding each other. A former soldier was the first in line to be let into the church early Monday. He had stayed in the cathedral since ten o’clock in the morning to bid the Queen farewell. “It was absolutely amazing. You could hear a pin drop,” he told Sky News. “I’m glad I did it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a moving day and I will never forget it.”

The Queen’s body will be taken to London on Tuesday evening. A plane carrying the coffin was due to take off from Edinburgh Airport at 7pm (CEST) and land in the British capital just under an hour later. Queen daughter Princess Anne is also on board. The coffin will stay overnight at Buckingham Palace and then be deposited in Westminster Hall for four days. Large crowds are also expected here to pay their respects to Elizabeth II.

King Charles III will not be present on arrival in London, the monarch and his wife will travel from Edinburgh to Northern Ireland on Tuesday. In the Northern Irish capital, Belfast, he and Queen Camilla visit an exhibition at Hillsborough Castle about the long relationship between Elizabeth II and the British provinces. Meetings are also planned with the British Minister for Northern Ireland, Chris Heaton-Harris, and leaders of the Northern Ireland parties. Charles will receive a message of condolence in the regional parliament. Later, the royal couple attends a prayer in St. Anne’s Cathedral.

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