Live ticker for the Queen’s funeral: +++ 07:12 time to say goodbye will expire soon +++

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Live ticker for the Queen’s funeral
+++ 07:12 Time to say goodbye is almost over +++

The four-day coffin set-up, with an opportunity for the public to say goodbye, ends at 7:30 a.m. (CEST). “The Queue” was already closed at midnight. According to the British Ministry of Culture, people are no longer allowed. Many thousands of people have queued for miles in recent days to pay their last respects to Elizabeth II. Most recently, the wait time was eight hours; the line stretched as far as Tower Bridge. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender also said their goodbyes at the coffin.

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+++ 07:01 Charles III. is “deeply touched” +++
British King Charles III. is deeply moved by the deepest condolences on the passing of his mother: “Over the past ten days, my wife and I have been deeply touched by the many messages of sympathy and support we have received from this country and the world.” Before bidding farewell to the Queen, he wished the “countless people who support and comfort to my family and me at this time of sorrow”.


Mourns for his mother: King Charles III.

(Photo: AP)

+++ 06:49 Palace shares unknown queen photo +++
Just before the state funeral, Buckingham Palace brings a previously unpublished photo of the late monarch. In the photo she is smiling happily in a light blue dress and with her pearl jewelry. She also wears aquamarine and diamond brooches from her father George VI. gave her for her 18th birthday in April 1944. According to British media reports, the photo was taken in May, shortly before the Queen’s platinum anniversary at Windsor Castle, by Ranald Mackechnie, who also photographed the official anniversary portrait.

+++ 06:37 The queen’s coffin has been ready for decades +++
According to a report, the Queen’s coffin was made more than three decades ago. According to The Times, it was made from English oak at least 32 years ago. This wood is used less and less these days, most wooden boxes are made of American oak. According to royal tradition, the coffin is lined with lead. This helps preserve the body longer after being buried in a crypt. The lead must seal the box airtight so that no moisture can penetrate. However, the metal makes the box considerably heavier. Eight porters are needed for him.

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+++ 06:23 London Fashion Week Limited Program +++
London Fashion Week is severely limiting its schedule due to national mourning for the Queen. A statement said they wanted to show respect for the Queen as an industry and honor her legacy to the creative industry. Therefore, all scheduled shows are canceled today. All London Fashion Week parties and events will be on a smaller scale or at a different time.

+++ 06:15 Prominent visitors from all over the world expected +++
According to media reports, approximately 2,000 guests are expected to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, including U.S. President Joe Biden, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Japan’s Emperor Naruhito and many other crowned heads, heads of state and government from around the world. world. world. They were reportedly asked to arrive on a scheduled flight. According to Buckingham Palace, there will also be representatives of the Commonwealth countries and holders of various orders. “This is the largest international event we have organized in decades,” The Telegraph newspaper quoted a government source as saying. The logistical task is comparable to organizing hundreds of state visits within a few days. The newspaper spoke of “one of the greatest diplomatic moments of the century”.

+++ 6:00 AM Funeral starts at 12:00 PM (CEST) +++
Today it is time to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II. The British monarch’s coffin is transferred from Parliament to nearby Westminster Abbey, where the funeral service begins at 12 noon. In the evening she finds her final resting place in Windsor Castle.

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