León vs Tijuana: where and when to watch the last day of the Liga MX 2022 opening

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León receives Xolos de Tijuana as part of the last day of the 2022 opening (Photo: Twitter/ @clubleonfc)
León receives Xolos de Tijuana as part of the last day of the 2022 opening (Photo: Twitter/ @clubleonfc)

The regular phase of the Mexican tournament Opening 2022 come to an end MX league is about to start the playoff round and later the league. However, before the reclassification begins, the León team and the Xolos de Tijuana will be responsible for playing the final game of Day 17 to define the playoff positions.

The León team will receive the visit of the Xolos in ENou Camp Stadium in Leon watch 8:00 pm. (Central Mexico). That bitter try to secure their place in the reclassification as the Tijuana team arrives with the last chance to sneak into the next stage of the tournament and oust Necaxa.

The only teams who have already secured their place in the league are: America, Monterrey, Pachuca Y saintsthe rest of the qualifiers will be defined in playoffs and both the bitter like Xolos, they will take to the field in search of a win that will secure their path to the playoffs.

Because the duel will be held in the house of emeraldsthe fans who cannot go to the stadium have several options to follow the action of the game and not miss any details of the last game on day 17. It is going to be Clear brand Y Fox sports those responsible for broadcasting the live broadcast of the match.

It is worth remembering that previously both sports companies had differences in broadcasting the León games, since on the sixth day of the tournament took place during the match Leon vs America, Fox sports “threw” the live coverage of Clear branda fact that left thousands of fans without the broadcast of the game.

But after a breakup, both companies agreed to cover the local games of the green bellies. So there will be no signal disruption for the day 17 game.

Date: Sunday 2 October

Location: Nou Camp Stadium, Leon, Guanajuato.

Hours of Operation: 8:00 p.m. Central Mexico

Transmission: Clear brand, Fox Sports Premium Y fox sports 2

youtube: via the official channel of Clear brand you can see free and live game coverage.

apartment: An option not to miss the action of the game up close is through the applications from Fox sports where they will broadcast the game. In order to access the signal, the fan must have a current subscription to the channel and thus be able to access the live narration.

Internet: both sides of Clear brand Y Fox sports They will share the most outstanding actions of the game live.

Until the last day and the game of Leon vs. Xolos and the game Santos vs. MazatlanThis is how the position table and the playoffs of Liga MX work.

Tiger, Toluca, Cruz Azul, Puebla, Guadalajara, Leon, Juarez Y Necaxa They would be the eight teams that would go through reclassification for one last chance to compete in the league. The ranking is distributed as follows:

The Liga MX Apertura 2022 playoffs will run until the last games of matchday 17 (Photo: capture ligamx.net)
The Liga MX Apertura 2022 playoffs will run until the last games of matchday 17 (Photo: capture ligamx.net)

5. Tiger – 30 points

6. Toluca – 27 points

7. Cruz Azul – 24 points

8. Puebla – 22 points

9. Chivas – 22 points

10. Leon – 21 points

11. Juarez – 19 points

12. Necaxa – 19 points


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