Leni alone in New York: Heidi Klum is worried about her daughter

Leni alone in New York
Heidi Klum is worried about her daughter

About a week ago, Heidi Klum said goodbye to her eldest daughter Leni with nostalgic lines on Instagram. The 19-year-old left her family in Los Angeles to study in New York. However, the sudden radio silence gives the mother a headache.

Heidi Klum struggles with the fact that her eldest daughter Leni has flown out. The emerging model recently moved to New York from Los Angeles to study. “It’s crazy, today was her first day in college,” Heidi Klum said on James Corden’s “Late Late Show.” That mother and daughter now live in different cities is “sad”. “First they have a car and drive, and that’s difficult. Then they cross the country, and that’s even more difficult,” added Heidi Klum.

The 49-year-old continues: “She moved over the weekend and I called her. Normally she picks up, but then I didn’t hear anything for three or four hours. And my head was already buzzing: ‘Where is she? What is she doing? Why doesn’t she answer?’ The worries are already starting.” Heidi Klum admitted to calling her “every two hours” and jokingly explained, “Now I want the roommate’s number so I can eavesdrop on the roommate if she doesn’t answer. And then I get the neighbor’s number. “

“Be clear, my Leni”

About a week ago, Heidi Klum made it clear on Instagram how hard it was for her to say goodbye to her daughter. “Today is your big step to go to university…” she began her message. “It seems like just yesterday this photo was taken when I was four months pregnant with you safe and sound in my womb,” she captioned a photo of her being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, dressed in silver underwear, posing on the catwalk. Even if she wants to be as close to her daughter again, “Now is the time to spread your wings and fly,” Klum continued, “Fly, be safe and shine bright, my Leni.”

Compared to ET Online, the 49-year-old had previously declared her daughter to be “a reasonable person”. “Now studying is her priority. It’s not modeling and she is very excited about this new chapter in her life.”

Leni Klum is the daughter of Heidi Klum and former sports manager Flavio Briatore. At the time of her birth, her mother was already in a relationship with singer Seal, who adopted the now 19-year-old. Together with him, Heidi Klum had three more children: Henry (16), Johan (15) and Lola (12). In 2012, the former supermodel and the singer divorced. Heidi Klum has been married to Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz since 2019.

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