Learn how to search DNI number with your first and last name for free

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Find out how to search your DNI number for free Photo: Andina
Find out how to search your DNI number for free Photo: Andina

Sometimes you need to carry out a personal procedure and in many cases you want to know other people’s data or information. With that in mind, you can now do it from a computer or your own mobile through some platforms.

Currently this can be resolved with a single phone call, But what to do if the person has no signal or no battery on their smartphone?

The solution lies in the government-supported platforms, and they are freely accessible. So, here we show them to you.

What is the DNI? It is the series of numbers or letters that identify a person.

Through the Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) platform, all Peruvians can: a search to see if they are insured.

To do this, simply enter the person’s name and continue with the query. This can be done from a cell phone or from a computer. If you want to know step by step we will give you all the details.

– Go to the SIS Online Inquiries page or click on the following link: http://app.sis.gob.pe/SisConsultaEnLinea/Consulta/frmConsultaEnLinea.aspx

– Upon entering you will be prompted to select an option on the right. Choose whether you want to search by personal data or document type. In this case if what you are looking for is to find this ID number Since you only have the name, you must select “Personal Information”.

– Complete the full first and last names and also enter the verification code that appears on the screen and click “Consult”.

Immediately you will see a box showing you the DNI, the status of the affiliation and the full name of the person.

How can I find out whether I belong to the SIS or not?  (Photo: Andes)
How can I find out whether I belong to the SIS or not? (Photo: Andes)

If you wish to confirm the identity of an individual, you can access the platform of the National Inspectorate of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT) and You only need to have the first and last names from the person.

The page was created so that people can verify that the information provided is true, especially when conducting commercial transactions.

This search will be enabled so that all residents of Peru can conduct it, regardless of the consultant’s nationality. It means that the search is based on the name or company name, I WOULD, RUC Number, Immigration Card, Diplomatic Identity Card or Passport.

If you want to know how, then take note.

First, enter the Sunat RUC Consultation platform or click on the following link: https://e-consultaruc.sunat.gob.pe/cl-ti-itmrconsruc/FrameCriterioBusquedaWeb.jsp

Since you do not have the person’s DNI and want to search for it, you must select the “By Name or Company Name” option.

Now enter the names of the people. Also add the image code.

– Finally, select the Search button.

And that was it! Now you can find the dates you were looking for.

FACT: The information provided is provided not only by natural persons but also by formal companies.

Steps to get the RUC quickly and from home.  (Photo: Andes)
Steps to get the RUC quickly and from home. (Photo: Andes)

Available on the web and useful for finding data in the middle of an emergency. As in the previous examples, this can also be done with just the person’s first and last name.

To do this, you must then proceed with the following steps:

– Go to the following link: https://servicios.sbs.gob.pe/ReporteSituacionPrevisional/Afil_Consulta.aspx

Two options will appear, one of which is to search for “identity document” and “first and last name”. Choose the second option.

– Enter all data (full name and surname) and select “Search”.

SBS.  |  Photo: Andean Agency
SBS. | Photo: Andean Agency

Although this operation is exaggerated, it is important that you carry it out because you will inform the authorities that this document, which indicates your identity, has been lost and it can get into the hands of strangers. This Strangers could use it to run errands, impersonate you and perform other illegal activities.

Change the address of your DNI in 5 easy steps. Remember that you can do this in person or in the comfort of your own home. Video: Reniec


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