Largest police operation ever: London becomes a fortress at Queen’s funeral

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Biggest police operation ever
London becomes a fortress at the Queen’s funeral

The Queen’s death not only keeps the mourners in suspense, but also the police. Current security measures surpass anything seen before. More than 10,000 officers are deployed in London alone.

Funeral services for Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who died last week, sparked the largest operation in London’s police history. Britain’s PA news agency quoted a Metropolitan Police spokesman as saying the effort was even greater than for the 70th anniversary of the monarch’s throne this year or the 2012 Olympics.

At the sporting event ten years ago, 10,000 agents were on duty every day. Now there are even more security forces, the spokesman said, without naming a specific number.

The state funeral scheduled for Monday will also be the largest operation to protect international guests of state, dignitaries and other important people, the spokesman said. Numerous crowned heads from other countries and dozens of heads of state and government from around the world, including German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and US President Joe Biden, have announced their attendance at the funeral.

From dog squads to drones

The police station, also known as Scotland Yard, says it has made 34 arrests for a range of crimes related to its current operation. No one was arrested for protest. In Scotland, there had been at least two arrests of people who had criticized the royal family or individual members during the celebrations.

According to the police, in addition to the well-known bobbies, motorcycle attendants, armed units, dog teams and the water police are also deployed in London. The barriers in the city center to direct the crowds are set up 36 kilometers long.

Also in Windsor, where the Queen will find her final resting place on Monday, a large police operation is planned with 2,000 officers, security checks such as at the airport and roadblocks. In addition, police drones will be deployed, the Thames will be patrolled and payphones, gullies and rubbish bins will be checked.

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