Lakers star LeBron James offers misinterpretation of Robert Sarver to sell Phoenix Suns, Mercury

Lakers star LeBron James offers misinterpretation of Robert Sarver to sell Phoenix Suns, Mercury

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For a few days now, Robert Sarver has been the talk of the NBA universe and social media has gone wild as NBA stars have started speaking out about the issue, and who else can fuel n any problem other than the King, LeBron James himself?

After being accused of making derogatory remarks and having a pushy attitude toward players and employees, Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver developed a souring relationship with the NBA as new allegations of racism and misogyny are beginning to emerge.

The owner of two major franchises decided to sell Phoenix and Mercury on Wednesday in response to allegations made a week after he was suspended by the league for gross misconduct.

Following the announcement of Robert’s decision, Laker star LeBron James expressed his joy on Twitter, writing, “So proud to be part of a league committed to progress!”

However, he decided to stand against Sarver expressing his displeasure with a one-year suspension and a $10 million fine as appropriate punishment for Sarver’s misdeeds.

Marking Sarver’s appearance as having disappeared from the NBA in no time, James also applauds the refinement of the league and shows his gratitude to be a part of it. His huge fanbase remained loyal to him as the veteran player never shied away from verbalizing any social issues.

Although Sarver’s immediate plan was to maintain control over the Phoenix Suns and Mercury, he mentioned in his official statement of the sale that this was “the best course of action” and also remarked that the current situation was “ruthless”. Therefore, this statement generated massive criticism among the public related to the NBA community.

Now that these teams are for sale, the teams will definitely find their ultimate destination at a suitable location. Jeff Bezos, Bob Iger, Larry Ellison and Lauren Powell top the list as potential bidders for these two franchises. Following the sale of the Utah Jazz to Ryan Smith for $1.66 billion in 2020, the projected cost of buying the Phoenix Suns and Mercury is $1.8 billion, which is far greater than when Robert bought both franchises for just $400 million.

James’ sarcastic comment was made overnight. Many other high-profile NBA figures, like famed Suns point guard Chris Paul and NBPA executive Tremaglio, joined him in the celebration. Conversely, the NBA commissioner fully defended Robert’s decision, saying, “This is the right next step for the organization and the community.”

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