La Jesuu on her future: “You will be incredibly proud of the woman I am building”

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La Jesuu, Colombian influencer and businesswoman.  Photo: Instagram @lajesuu
La Jesuu, Colombian influencer and businesswoman. Photo: Instagram @lajesuu

Valentina Ruiz, La Jesuu Not only has she made it as an influencer, but also as a businesswoman. In addition, the young woman from Cali has shown day after day how much she loves to improve and continues to set goals. That’s why she wanted to share some of her plans for the future with her community on Instagram in the last few days.

This is how La Jesuu started out on her Instagram Stories by saying, “Cousin, I know I’m very lost…but mom, you know that every time I come back, I like to surprise you with new, different things.” . and You’re going to be incredibly proud of the woman I’m building, the new Valentina, my best version…”.

In turn, he also emphasized that “things are coming” and while narrating the above, the content creator wrote of the clip: “1. Next week I will start learning English. 2. I work in my two companies. 3. I’m studying acting. 4. I’m trying out a cream. 5. God willing, I will leave the country soon.”

It should be remembered that Valentina Ruiz has a brand of extensions and wigs called “Auténtica”; in addition to “Self”, which was recently launched and will apparently be destined for clothing, especially for divers. However, the influencer has not expanded the information as to which country she will be traveling to and whether she will be doing this for work or on vacation.

Here is the video where La Jessu reveals her future projects:

La Jesuu on her future: “You will be incredibly proud of the woman I am building”

This Saturday, October 1, the businesswoman also warned via her Instagram stories about a bogus raffle being run on her behalf. In this way, she wanted to state that she is not the one behind the event and also to make it clear that his real Facebook account is the social network through which the above draw will be carried out.

A friend texts me… and sends me a Facebook account and asks me if I’m really the one doing the drawing and I tell him no dad I’m healthy. So, I’m very concerned about the subject because today some people write to me and tell me: -Oh look, it seems to me that your raffle is a scam-… and I: -What happened to Fett?- .. If I want them to be careful with that… they start promising things to people that people think they are one… I will leave them all the information so they know, don’t fall into it”.

The Jesuu warns against fake sweepstakes in your name

Jesuu warns about a fake Facebook account in her name and shows the real one that is verified.

The Jesuu warns against fake giveaways in your name.  Photo: Instagram Stories @lajesuu
The Jesuu warns against fake giveaways in your name. Photo: Instagram Stories @lajesuu

There are several criticisms La Jesuu has received regarding her image, for example the Cali influencer has been criticized for her way of dressing as some social network users dislike her tight and revealing outfits.

Thus, in addition to promoting her facet as a businesswoman or sharing funny videos, Valentina Ruiz from time to time also makes reflections aimed at motivating her community to ignore criticism and have self-esteem. For example, on Wednesday, September 14, he shared a video with the caption, “You choose how you dress.” and over the course of a few minutes came up with the following ideas while wearing a tight romper. Here is La Jesuu’s video on the subject in question:


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