King despairs at pen: Charles III. swears loud

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King despairs at pen
Charles III swears loud

The new British King Charles III. currently on a tight schedule, he and Queen Camilla are currently in Northern Ireland. There the monarch loses his composure for a while during an appointment – ​​in front of the camera.

King Charles III showed nerves for the second time in a few days. A video made during Charles’ visit to Northern Ireland is circulating on the internet. In it, the British monarch complains about an apparently leaking fountain pen.

Charles hesitates at first when he wants to sign the guest book of the royal residence in Hillsborough near Belfast. “Is it September 12?” he asks. When told it’s already the 13th, Charles says, “Oh god, I wrote the wrong date.” Queen Camilla points out that he entered the 12th earlier.

Shortly after, the rage sets in: “Oh God, I hate it,” Charles says to his wife as he rises from the table. “Look, it’s spreading everywhere, wait,” she replied. “I can’t stand this damn thing. What they do every damn time,” the king scolds. Camilla then draws with another pen.

Users on social networks already criticized the new head of state on Saturday. While signing his proclamation, Charles apparently disliked the position of an inkwell and made an imperious gesture to his servants to move the utensil.

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