“Kill whoever you want and cover your tracks,” Agustina Díaz advised Brenda Uliarte

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Commodore Py (Maximilian Luna)
Commodore Py (Maximilian Luna)

This Thursday, Cristina Kirchner demanded that the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires reject the application for the release of Agustina Díaz, Brenda Uliarte’s girlfriend. one of the accused of planning and carrying out the attempted assassination of the Vice President. It did not require the former president to come to the retirement courts to request it. He gave his attorney Marcos Aldazabar power of attorney to speak on his behalf. “It’s a paradigmatic case. said the plaintiff. No messages are taken out of context. I told you to obstruct the investigation. And there could still be evidence that Agustina Díaz knows about it and we don’t.”. The messages with Uliarte were precisely the reason why Díaz was arrested.

As the ad shows, one sentence by Agustina Díaz before the attack is particularly striking: “Kill whoever you want and hide tracks.”

It will be the judge María Eugenia Capuchetti who, in the next few hours, will define what role the 21-year-old girl had. If he left, he blames his involvement in the attack or a cover-up. In this regard, Diaz yesterday asked for his investigation to be expanded to insist he is innocent and does not believe what Brenda told him is true.

And in this connection he asserted: “Brenda is a very spiteful person. When we first met after his son died, I was afraid that he would do something to me in the middle of the street.” He explained that in the messages that appeared deleted from his dialogue, Brenda told him: “Sabag was an idiot.” “ME He said that Sabag knows how to shoot, that the moment worked against him, but if it were her, the shot wouldn’t go wide.” explained Brenda.

The judge Leopoldo Bruglia, Pablo Bertuzzi and Mariano Llorens They will clarify the demand for the release of the Díaz defense in the next few hours. Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte are already being charged as co-authors of the qualified attempted assassination. They chose not to appeal the resolution. The fourth prisoner is Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo, the so-called chief of the Copitos. He too is asking for his release. The Federal Chamber will not debate this until Tuesday next week, after the hearing scheduled for the parties.

Agustina Diaz
Agustina Diaz

Without the presence of Diaz’s defense (who chose to put his freedom arguments in writing), the CFK lawsuit reviewed the evidence compromising Brenda Uliarte at the second floor hearing of the Comodoro Py courts.

The first message will appear on June 15th. Brenda sends her friend, who is slated to be the “love of my life,” a photo of a gun. He deletes it immediately. But Agustina makes it clear: “I saw the message of the gun right away” and laughs. “It’s a friend’s iron, don’t say anything,” Brenda replies.

Two weeks later, on July 4, Díaz and Uliarte speak directly about the vice president. Brenda tells him, “I organize what I’m supposed to do Bard to the pink house with Motolov bombs and all.” His interlocutor asked the question “would be better, right?”. “I go with the iron and he shot Cristina (…) They give me the ovaries in return,” Brenda replies. “That’s why I love you,” Díaz restricts him. “To see how serious it was, Uliarte said to Díaz: I’ve been practicing, I know how to use an iron,” stressed CFK’s lawyer at the hearing.

Already on August 27, the plan to kill the vice president was foiled because the “hdp” had “invaded”. It was the day of the poster incident, four days before the attack. “I sent a guy to kill her,” he tells her. “I swear I’ll lower that. I’m pissed off that he’s stealing and going unpunished.

– You realize the chaos you will get into, No? They’ll be looking for you everywhere if they find out you’re an accomplice in the vice president’s deathsays the friend.

“That’s why I sent someone”Brenda answers.

Although yes, but Who wouldn’t want to shoot that old bitch… says Augustine.

Brenda claims she can get money to escape. “Kill whoever you want and hide tracks”he recommends you. You won’t catch me‘ confides Brenda. “Perfect“. Answer.

It was Thursday September 1st at 9:57pm. Fernando Sabag Montiel was already in prison after the Bersa 32 caliber pistol failed to fire. Brenda calls Agustina but she doesn’t answer. The next day at 7:37 a.m., it is Díaz herself who looks for Brenda and asks her why Sabag Montiel failed. “Che, what’s wrong that the shot missed him? Didn’t you practice before or did the adrenaline of the moment let you down?

Brenda Uliarte with the weapon attack Cristina Kirchner
Brenda Uliarte with the weapon attack Cristina Kirchner

At noon, Díaz begins telling her that they will surely reach her and look for her. Brenda tells him that they already searched her partner’s house. But her friend warns her that they can reach her on her cell phone. “I got a cagaso (sic) that they catch you and bang your phone.” And after a message Brenda deleted, Agustina adds: “You have to get rid of the phone. And change the number. Delete your account, everything.” The lawsuit highlighted the messages that actually appear to have been deleted.

A notification appears. Agustina tells him: “The problem would be that the cargo doesn’t give you away”. For CFK’s lawyer, “there seems to be an idea for Uliarte to take things from Sabag’s house (already incarcerated) without anyone noticing.”

“So far the talks,” stressed before the Federal Chamber lawyer Aldazabar, who represents CFK together with Juan Manuel Ubeira in this case. “It is clear that several elements raised by the defense are falling. The messages, taken out of context and unknown to her, basically make no sense. Since June, I have had evidence that Brenda had a gun, wanted to kill CFRP, four days before she attempted it. “Obviously, when he later asked what happened, he knew he missed the shot.” Nor is it credible that he recommended wiping the phone to “get rid of the press,” the complaint stressed. “The most I could do was change the number or not answer it, not break the cell phone.”

for the complaint This is a paradigmatic case of preventive detention. The crime exists, including criminal involvement, and his advice shows that the investigation can be harmed or avoided, he emphasized. Aldazabal warned: “The content of the messages is almost a procedural risk in itself, hampering the investigation.” “We are facing an investigation of enormous relevance with a lot of evidence. If she is released now, great harm could be done There could still be evidence that she knows and we don’t.”

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