Kevin Holland's retirement 'just a ploy to get attention'

Kevin Holland’s retirement ‘just a ploy to get attention’

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Kevin Holland said he’s taking the money made from his fight and short-notice run with Khamzat Chimaev, but Chael Sonnen isn’t buying it.

Holland was already building a reputation as a hero on the streets, but he became the hero of the UFC when he accepted a fight with Chimaev after historic changes took place at UFC 279. he ended up losing the fight in dramatic fashion, fans praised his willingness to step up and take on a challenge he knew was wrong for him.

Chael Sonnen questions Kevin Holland’s retirement

After the fight, Kevin Holland announced on his social media that he was going to retire with his pockets full of money thanks to his acceptance of the fight against Chimaev. However, Chael Sonnen was quick to jump on his Youtube to explain that he’s pretty confident that “Big Mouth” was just a talk and didn’t mean it.

Sonnen explained that there is a time when every fighter goes through, wins or loses, where they suffer from depression after the fight. He explained that it was naturally worse after a loss, which probably led Holland to make the statement he made, and that all he needed was some reassurance from the fans.

“Post-fight depression is very real, including when you’re the winner… But as much and as true as it is for the winner, exemplify that for the loser,” Sonnen said.

“It’s just an attention-getting ploy. You used to do that when you were kids. You were coloring something in class and your class wants to see it, so you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s not very good’ .when you know it’s great. Anything you wanted, you wanted them to tell you what a great job you did… We all did it, but Kevin does it now. It’s up to you to reach out to him hand and say, “Hey, we still want everything to be good again.”

Sonnen added that another concern with Kevin Holland saying he’s retired is that he doesn’t want to have to worry about leaving USADA, only to re-enter if he wasn’t serious. about his retirement. However, this only applies if a fighter submits their intention to withdraw in writing to USADA, which is not the case to our knowledge.

Either way, one can only hope Holland isn’t serious about his retirement. He’s become an entertaining member of the UFC roster and likely has many more years of competition ahead of him.

Do you think Kevin Holland is seriously considering retirement?

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