“Just Folded”: Ex-“Bachelorette” Melissa Damilia Falls Over

“Just Folded”
Ex-“Bachelorette” Melissa Damilia faints

In the face of “Mister Right” the “Bachelorette” can sometimes get weak at the knees. But it probably has nothing to do with an increased love pulse that ex-Rose distributor Melissa Damilia is now getting dizzy twice in a row.

First the good news: everything is fine with Melissa Damilia. Though she probably didn’t catch an admirer when her cycle collapsed twice in a row. But at least one neighbor was there and looked after the 26-year-old.

“I just wanted to get a drink. And then I got so sick, then I just collapsed,” Damilia describes her health shock experience in an Instagram story to her 450,000+ followers. She lay unconscious in her kitchen for about ten minutes before she came to. But shortly after, she lost consciousness for the second time.

“Everything is alright”

The specific reason why the lights temporarily went out at Damilia may never be fully clarified. “Everything has been checked, everything is fine,” she says at least about her next visit to the doctor. “Except that the blood pressure is too low,” she adds, which may have made her dizzy after all.

You just need a break, Damilia clarifies. “I need to give my body some rest now.” Maybe she spent a little too much in preparation for the new RTLzwei show “Skate Fever – Stars auf Rollerskate”. It is said that she trained for weeks to look good on the show.

Or is the divorce from Leander Sacher still in your bones? A few months ago, her relationship with the 24-year-old ended. In 2020, Sacher received the last rose from Damilia. At that time she imitated the “Bachelorette” in the RTL show of the same name.

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