Jubilee in Schillerallee: “Unter uns” celebrates its 7000th episode

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Anniversary in Schillerallee
“Unter Uns” Celebrates Its 7000th Episode

The popular RTL daytime soap “Unter uns” is celebrating a milestone anniversary. In November, the 7000th episode will flash across the screens, even a week earlier on RTL+. The broadcaster has come up with something special around the corresponding date.

Anniversary for “Unter Uns”! The RTL series of UFA Serial Drama has been running for 28 years: the first episode celebrated its TV premiere on November 28, 1994 and the 7000th episode is on November 23, 2022 at 5.30 pm. That is why RTL is showing a large anniversary week from November 21 to 25 – the episodes will be broadcast on RTL+ seven days earlier.


Bambi (Benjamin Heinrich) and Sina (Valea Scalabrino) today.

(Photo: RTL)

Then, according to the Cologne broadcaster about the anniversary week, there should be some “goosebumps” moments: Sina (Valea Scalabrino) and Bambi Hirschberger (Benjamin Heinrich) are looking forward to their big, but already second dream wedding after the divorce a few years ago, that will be celebrated with the entire Schillerallee.

Newly arrived law student Stella Richter (Bettine Langehein) is swept away by the euphoria, but suddenly her past catches up with her, according to the pre-announcement: her manipulative ex Marcel Geiss (Manuel Klein) also shows up in Schillerallee. To get away from him, Stella faked her death. But Marcel has tracked down Stella and is now threatening Sina with a gun in the middle of the wedding preparations. His perfidious plan: Stella would marry him or he’ll kill Sina!

Facts, facts, facts

“Unter uns” got off to a premature start, as UFA Serial Drama also reveals about the anniversary. Actually, the series was to be broadcast on January 2, 1995. At the same time, ARD announced its “Verbotene Liebe” series. “‘Unter uns’ was brought forward to November 28, 1994.” The name of the series was initially just a working title, but in the end “nothing more appropriate” and they stuck with it.

Well-known actors, including Wayne Carpendale, Svenja Jung, Wolfram Grandezka, Diana Staehly and Marco Girnth, started their career in the series, which can be seen daily from Monday to Friday at 5.30 pm on RTL and at any time on RTL+. According to the announcement, 130 employees and more than 20 actors create six new “Unter Uns” episodes a week in two large studios and the several hundred square meters outdoor set on Schillerallee in Cologne-Ossendorf.

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