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‘I’ve always looked up to and looked up to you’ Tennis legend Serena Williams shares moving farewell message regarding Roger Federer

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Despite being welcomed into the so-called ‘Retirement Club’, American tennis legend Serena Williams couldn’t resist the temptation to congratulate Roger Federer for his contribution to the world of professional tennis during his outstanding career. .

The Swiss maestro also responded quickly by thanking Serena following her emotional post on social media just before the start of this month’s Laver Cup tournament.

How did Serena Williams express her respect and love for Roger Federer?

Many young people of this generation do not have the necessary knowledge about the quality of Roger Federer as a person and also as a player at his peak. This may sound hilarious to others as they might think that Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic keeps a better record than Federer but ultimately they will never match this Swiss player as he is the ‘pioneer’ among them.

Serena Williams’ message resonated with Roger Federer, who acknowledged playing the American in a mixed doubles tournament was an incredible pleasure. Williams paid tribute to Federer with an Instagram tribute after announcing his intention to end his career on the pitch after the Laver Cup.

News of Serena and Roger’s sudden retirement indicates the game is set to lose two immediate greats and icons because Williams, 40, ended her tennis career after the US Open this year for giving more time with her extended family.

Roger Federer, meanwhile, retired from tennis due to lingering injuries, but he also said he could return to charity and occasional championships if his fitness improves in the near future.

Nevertheless, Fed Express helped Serena several times during her crisis period which she remembered on her position and said“I wanted to find the perfect way to say this, as you ended this game so eloquently – perfectly done, just like your career. I have always admired and looked up to you.

Tennis fans need to soak up this reality of not looking for Federer and Serena on future Grand Slam tournaments which could be the start of a new era as they have already discovered young hopefuls like Emma Raducanu, Carlos Alcaraz and others.

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