“It’s very hard for me to breathe”: Rapper Post Malone is in the hospital

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“I find it very hard to breathe”
Rapper Post Malone is in hospital

After falling on stage during a concert in St. Louis, everything was initially released. Now American star Post Malone’s injuries appear to be more serious than originally thought. The 27-year-old complains of pain when breathing. He has to cancel the show in Boston.

Post Malone has had to cancel his planned concert in Boston an hour before it starts. The reason: The interpreter “Circles” had to be treated in hospital with respiratory problems. “I find it very hard to breathe and feel a sharp pain when I breathe or move,” he wrote in a post on Twitter. He is currently in hospital and unable to do the evening show. He is “so damn sorry”. He promises that he will ‘make it right’. The tickets purchased are valid for the postponement date he is currently planning.

The news comes just days after Post Malone fell during a concert in St. Louis on Sept. 17. As reported by RTL, the American star was playing his hit “Circles” when the accident happened. He accidentally stepped with one leg into a hole where his guitars were stored under the stage. His upper body then hit the stage with full force. Despite the violent fall, the 27-year-old was able to pull himself up again. After a short treatment by paramedics, he continued the concert despite a lot of pain.

On Twitter, he explained in a video how the fall happened. “When we do the acoustic part of the show, we put the guitars on the guitar stand on stage and there was a big hole there,” said Post Malone. Usually he just walks around the hole. But he couldn’t make the turn. “It hit me quite a bit and it hurt quite a bit,” he explained. However, the hospital provided him with medication for the pain.

In a subsequent examination at the hospital, the doctors found damage to the ribs. His management confirmed this to CNN. Now the injuries appear to be more serious than originally thought. Post Malone is currently on a major tour of North America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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