“It’s super exciting”: Lena is now making Tokyo unsafe

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“It’s super exciting”
Lena is now making Tokyo unsafe

What suits Nina? lena! So it’s fitting that the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, almost 40 years after “99 Luftballons” was even a success in Japan, is also cleaning up the land of the rising sun with “Life Was A Beach”. That is why she is now traveling to Tokyo.

After her surprising success in Japan, Lena Meyer-Landrut is currently presenting herself to the media and fans in Tokyo. “It’s super exciting. I’m going to visit the record company here, do some interviews, do some TV shows and perform,” she said of her trip. “It’s super cool and a unique experience.”

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 scored a hit in Japan this summer with her song ‘Life Was A Beach’. The song from her album “Only Love” is three years old and was never released as a single in Germany. However, a few months ago, three Japanese influencers posted a clip on the Tiktok platform in which they performed a choreography with their hands for the summer song – after which the video went viral.

Meanwhile, the video clip on Instagram and Tiktok has been clicked more than 800 million times in Japan and has also ended up in various charts. “I don’t expect much from it, other than that I’m having a super super awesome time right now,” says Lena.

“Tokyo Day 1”

On her Instagram page, she gave her 4.8 million followers insight into her “Tokyo Day 1”. She can be seen roaming the city streets herself, but also apparently does a manicure in a short clip. In addition, the 31-year-old captured a number of things that impressed her – such as her egg noodle soup, a shop window with plush cats or a coin box from which you can draw manga characters.

Older songs also become viral hits over Tiktok over and over again. The platform even influences the musical events in such a way that sometimes songs are composed especially for their use in the network. But even without Tiktok, German artists have been successful in Japan in the past. One of the best-known examples of this is certainly Nena, whose world hit “99 Luftballons” also stormed the charts here in 1983.

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