“It’s okay to love a man”: Kevin Kühnert talks about his partnership

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“All right to love man”
Kevin Kühnert talks about his partnership

SPD Secretary General Kevin Kühnert makes no secret of his homosexuality. Now he also reveals that he is in a relationship. He also explains that he is open about the subject, saying that young people need role models.

SPD Secretary General Kevin Kühnert has publicly commented on his relationship status. “I have a partner,” the Berliner told “Bunte” magazine.

However, this aspect of his private life does not play a role in public appearances, according to the 33-year-old: “On the clichéd occasions such as the Bayreuth Festival or the Federal Press Ball, where others present their partners, do not walk the red carpet. Just because it is festive. Clothing is expected. We are out of there.”

By talking about his relationship, he also wants to set an example for young people, says Kühnert. “I know that especially in some villages, even in 2022, some will still be evicted from their homes if they reveal their sexual orientation,” he explains. “These young people need role models and they need to know that it’s okay to love a man or woman of the same sex.”

“Walking means freedom to me”

Years ago, Kühnert said in an interview with the “Berliner Zeitung”: “Anyone in the public eye should be prepared to be asked for a girlfriend again and again.” So he would have “had the opportunity to look at the floor in shame every time. Or just openly and naturally talk about the fact that I’m gay,” says Kühnert.

In the conversation “Bunte”, Kühnert also reveals a passion that particularly drives him. “It may sound cheesy,” he explains, “but to me, walking means freedom.” He likes to take long walks, covering 12 miles a day for more than a week or two. “That is the maximum contrast I can get as a city dweller,” explains the SPD politician, who took over the post of secretary general of his party at the end of 2021.

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