It’s Not About the “Rest” Tragedy: A Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against Alec Baldwin

It’s not about “Rest” tragedy
Million dollar lawsuit filed against Alec Baldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin threatens with new problems. The family of a killed US Marine has filed a lawsuit against the 64-year-old, demanding $25 million in damages. One of the reasons for this is said to be a photo Baldwin shared on social media.

It’s only just been revealed that Alec Baldwin is seeing some light in the job again with a new Broadway engagement, when the next bad news arrives. The family of a killed US Marine is demanding $25 million in damages from the actor, the New York Post reports.

The reason for this are posts on social media and statements by the 64-year-old about the family of the Marine. Rylee McCollum was killed in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan in August 2021 at the age of 20. Alec Baldwin is said to have contacted his sister Roice via Instagram to offer his condolences to the family and give her $5,000 to help. When Roice McCollum uploaded a photo of this inglorious event on the anniversary of the Washington Capitol storming, there was a scandal.

Alec Baldwin is an outspoken opponent of Trump and therefore felt compelled to comment on the photo. He also wrote privately to Roice McCollum, the New York Post reports: “When I sent you the money for your brother, out of genuine respect for his service to this country, I was unaware that you were involved in the WW6 riots. January hear .” Baldwin then posted the photo to his own account and is said to have mentioned Roice McCollum’s involvement in the storming of the Capitol in the text.

“Negligent and Reckless”

However, she says she was not there that day. And so she is now demanding compensation for this accusation, as she and other family members then received masses of “hostile, aggressive and hateful messages” and were insulted as Nazis and racists. “Alec Baldwin’s conduct was careless and reckless. He should have known that if he brought the allegations he made against the plaintiffs to his millions of followers, he would harm the plaintiffs,” the New York Post quoted the complaint as saying. .

The lawsuit, which the family is now seeking in New York, would involve invasion of privacy, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It’s the McCollums’ second attempt. A Wyoming judge dismissed the first lawsuit against Baldwin because she didn’t feel responsible because the actor lives in New York.

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