It wasn’t noticed until months later: Florian Fitz had broken his neck

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Only noticed months later
Florian Fitz broke his neck

Actor Florian Fitz can be seen in many German television productions. He also does his own stunts: a handstand rollover nearly ended in death for the 54-year-old last year.

Florian Fitz was apparently lucky in disguise: the actor broke his neck in 2021, the 54-year-old now says in a new interview. The whole thing must have happened in Berlin about a year ago. But he suffered no permanent damage.

“When I wanted to do a handstand rollover, I hit my head,” he tells Bild am Sonntag. After that he had neck pain, but no other problems and he “hardly noticed” his broken neck. Several months later, it was found that he had “a partial fracture at C5 and C6”.

Of course Fitz was concerned, but he managed without surgery. His neck was “reset” with “conservative therapy”. “And after a year, the break healed.” He has “no permanent damage” and he can also do his stunts himself.

Fitz has been in front of the camera since the 1980s and is best known for numerous TV productions. He played with the “Rosenheim Cops” or in various “SOKO” offshoots, among others. Fitz is currently known as Dr. See Alexander von Arnstett in “Betty’s Diagnosis”.

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