“It sounds crazy”: Paltrow compares daughter’s university start to birth

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“It sounds crazy”
Paltrow compares university start of daughter with birth

Gwyneth Paltrow is just days away from celebrating her 50th birthday. Naturally, the round date is an opportunity for the actress to chat extensively about her patchwork family and her relationship with daughter Apple.

Gwyneth Paltrow opened up about her family in an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning” and shared how she experienced her daughter Apple’s college start: “I know it sounds crazy, but it feels almost as deep as childbirth.” Paltrow said in the interview.

She also said of Chris Martin, ex-husband and father of her daughter: “He is completely my family and I love him. He would do anything for me, I would do anything for him. We would do anything for our children. ” The two are committed to “that our children remain as unharmed as possible from the divorce”, according to the entrepreneur.

They managed to “deliberately disconnect”. Paltrow coined the term after the couple broke up, sparking debate. Among other things, there were mocking comments on social media about why Paltrow hadn’t spoken clearly about separation or divorce.

The Oscar winner also has 16-year-old son Moses Martin with the Coldplay frontman. Paltrow and Martin were married from 2003 to 2016. After announcing their “conscious split” in 2014, they have remained close as family and friends. Gwyneth Paltrow has been married to Brad Falchuk since 2018 and is the stepmother to his two children. Chris Martin is in a relationship with Fifty Shades star Dakota Johnson.

“Permission to be what you are”

On September 27, the actress awaits another milestone: Paltrow turns 50. On her milestone birthday, she said in a CBS interview, “Maybe at that age we all give ourselves permission to be exactly what we are and stop trying to be what others expect of us.”

Turning 50 feels “great,” she wrote in a blog post on her Goop website in early September. She considers herself lucky to have a healthy, strong body. Hiding this is out of the question for Paltrow: “I don’t think there are any rules about when to stop certain clothes.” Only recently did she wear the “shortest skirt in ten years”. “You should wear what you feel comfortable in,” she encouraged her readership.

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