It remains a mystery: who was in Willi Herren’s apartment?

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It remains a mystery
Who was in Willi Herren’s apartment?

Much about Willi Herren’s death is still in the dark. Not only is the exact cause of death of the actor and singer not officially known, it is also unclear who gained access to his apartment after his death – and probably will remain so.

About a year and a half have passed since Willi Herren’s death. In April 2021, the then 45-year-old was found lifeless in his apartment in the Mülheim district of Cologne.

Since then, it has only been officially known that there was no third-party culpability for his death. Exactly how he died has not been disclosed. According to RTL information, a poisonous cocktail of cocaine, alcohol and tablets led to cardiac arrest in men. But there is no official confirmation of that.

Why Herren had to die at the age of 45 is not the only mystery surrounding the death of the actor and singer. On the night after Herren’s death, one or more perpetrators are said to have gained access to the building in Cologne-Mülheim that had previously been sealed by the police. “Apparently several valuables were lost from the apartment,” a police spokesperson said at the time. But it is still unclear who the unknown person(s) was. And that mystery should never be revealed.

Offender(s) had keys

The public prosecutor in Cologne has now announced that the proceedings against unknown persons were discontinued a few months ago because: A perpetrator could not be identified. In addition, no signs of break-in were discovered on the apartment door that would indicate a break-in. “It may rather be assumed that the unknown perpetrator(s) opened the apartment door with a key,” said a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office. Apparently, however, several keys existed. Who owned it: unclear.

It is doubtful whether there was much to gain in men. He would have left behind a mountain of debt of up to 400,000 euros. Objects in his possession were therefore recently auctioned. However, this only brought in 8,000 euros.

Willi Herren started his career in 1992 as an actor in the ARD series “Lindenstraße”. He later took part in numerous reality TV formats, including the jungle camp and “Celebrity Big Brother”. He also appeared on Ballermann with mood hits.

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