“It is an act of patriotism and consistency”: Ricardo Monreal thanked the GN for approving the reforms

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The senor thanked lawmakers who approved the reform (Photo: @RicardoMonrealA)
The senor thanked lawmakers who approved the reform (Photo: @RicardoMonrealA)

This Tuesday evening in the Senate Chamber approved National Guard reforms by a vote of 87 in favour thus the Ministry of National Defense (sedena) will lead the group until 2028.

This was achieved after the Icing Party won a qualified majority of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and some members of the Party of Democratic Revolution (PRD).

Reason why the Morenist senator Richard Monreal He thanked the MPs from the various banks who voted in favor and assured that it was a measure to restore security and peace in the country.

To do this, he released a video, which he accompanied with a message saying that the approval not only “gives the Army and Navy reassurance, but is also an act of patriotism and consistency.”

Through his official Twitter account, the Guinda Party faction coordinator explained that the triumph of reform is a step forward for the country to return to calm, so it is necessary take care of the armed forces.

The session in the Senate Chamber lasted almost 12 hours.  (PHOTO: GRACIELA LOPEZ /CUARTOSCURO)
The session in the Senate Chamber lasted almost 12 hours. (PHOTO: GRACIELA LOPEZ /CUARTOSCURO)

On the other hand, he emphasized it The law was amended to make the military accountable to the Mexican Congress.

“We have agreed to a very important change in which the Mexican Congress will become the watchdog before which it is accountable and present itself as an effective, reputable parliamentary control body that will bear fruit for our society.”

This was one of the major changes to replace the misnomer “Alito Law” and stipulates that a bicameral commission be formed in Congress to evaluate the performance of the armed forces, as well as to prepare semi-annual reports and appearances demonstrating their contributions.

He then thanked the legislators again and reiterated that what matters most is the country and that cohesion with the nation should be maintained: “Mexico is what unites us, The most important thing is Mexico, let’s fight for MexicoThis is what our country needs to cook for us.”

In conclusion, he concluded that lawmakers will fight to restore security and that the army and institutions should be trusted.

He also denied that Morena had threatened lawmakers (Picture: Twitter/ @RicardoMonrealA)
He also denied that Morena had threatened lawmakers (Picture: Twitter/ @RicardoMonrealA)

“And we will fight to restore our security, let us have faith in our institutions in the armed forces and in this new constitutional amendment. We have full confidence that we will regain our peace and tranquility.”

On the other hand, during his speech, the Icing Party Senator denied that the party had done so some coercion against opposition lawmakers.

This after the coordinator of the National Action Party Caucus (LOAF), Julen Rementerieassured that the senators who voted for the reform had received pressure and threats to cast the positive vote.

“On behalf of the Morena Group We reject all possible allegations about it Threats, pressure, threats, money, improper or illegal actions. It would be cowardice and unethical behavior not to report it,” the senator said.


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