Israel Condemned Iranian Regime’s Nuclear Threat Before the United Nations: “We Will Not Let Terrorism Get Away”

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Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid
Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid

The Prime Minister of Israel Jair Lapiddenounced before United Nations General Assemblythe Iranian regime’s nuclear threat and the funding of terrorist groups.

“Iran has said many times that it wants to destroy the State of Israel and this building is silent, what are you afraid of?” Lapid denounced.

The nation that wants to destroy us is the same that created Hezbollah that funds Hamas.” said the Israeli leader.

Lapid assured that it was necessary to urge Iran to give up its desire to develop nuclear weapons, for which he suggested insisting on peaceful negotiations,

“We will not let terrorism get away”he pointed out.

The prime minister also questioned Iran’s repressive measures against the demonstrations sparked by the assassination of young Mahsa Amini by state security forces.

“The Iranian regime hates young people, it hates women, it hates homosexuals, it hates the West”said the Prime Minister during his speech to the UN.

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