Involuntarily or not: Sex tape made Kim Kardashian a millionaire

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Involuntarily or not
Sex tape made Kim Kardashian a millionaire

A sex tape released in 2007 made the then 26-year-old Kim Kardashian not only famous, but apparently rich. Concrete amounts are mentioned in an email from porn producer Steven Hirsch.

In 2007, thanks to a published sex tape, Kim Kardashian became a worldwide media phenomenon – and apparently a millionaire, almost overnight. The American magazine “TMZ” has now published an email from the head of the porn production company Vivid, Steven Hirsch. In it, he explains to Kardashian and musician Ray J – with whom the reality star can be seen in the video – how much money the marketing of the tape has made in the first six days after release: a total of about 1.4 million dollars.

The video was shot in 2002 and subsequently came into the hands of Vivid. To this day, it has not become definitively clear how exactly. However, Kardashian, now 41, filed a lawsuit against Vivid before his release, which was dismissed. However, according to observers, an amicable settlement was reached with the production company before a trial could have taken place.

To this day, Ray J claims that Kardashian agreed to the publication. He said both he and his former partner brought in $400,000 plus 12.5 percent of the profits. Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, also agreed to the deal, according to Ray J. Plus, she even chose what she thought was the best of several of the two’s sex videos.

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