‘Intensive medical treatment’: Matthias Reim has to cancel concerts

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“intensive medical treatment”
Matthias Reim has to cancel concerts

Matthias Reim actually wants to tour from today. But now the singer has to disappoint his fans and cancels several concerts at short notice – due to “serious problems”. However, an announcement from the organizer gives his fans confidence.

Matthias Reim has to cancel all upcoming concerts for September and October. Organizer Semmel Concerts announced this on Instagram, among others. Unfortunately, the singer’s health has “deteriorated in recent days”. The 64-year-old had to undergo “intensive medical treatment” on the evening of September 1.

“In addition to his vocal cord inflammation, other more serious problems have arisen that require long-term treatment and will take several weeks,” it said. You have to give the singer “a longer break”.

Therefore, all performances for the next few weeks should be cancelled. Reim should have played in Potsdam, Nuremberg and Gera, among others. The organizer wants to announce possible alternative dates in the coming days. They are currently “very confident that he will be fully fit again for the arena concerts in December”. Before the end of the year, performances in Leipzig, Magdeburg, Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne are scheduled.

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