Incident on the set of “Being Mortal”: Bill Murray allegedly harassed a young woman

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Incident on the set “Being Mortal”
Bill Murray allegedly harassed a young woman

“Inappropriate conduct” – that has been the vague accusation against Bill Murray so far. Now it is leaking how the actor would have fallen out of character on the set of the movie “Being Mortal”. This is not the first accusation of this nature.

The production of Aziz Ansari’s film “Being Mortal” has been halted for months. The reason is the star of the comic: Bill Murray. He is accused of “inappropriate behavior” on set. The “Puck” website now wants to know exactly what happened, citing various unspecified sources.

The 72-year-old Murray is said to have harassed a “much younger” employee on set, against whom she was unable to defend herself due to his weight. In addition, the actor would have kissed the woman uninvited. Due to the corona protection measures, both would have been wearing mouth caps at that time.

Murray had defended his actions by saying they were joking. However, the alleged victim is said to have understood her as “absolutely sexual” and “disgusted” by it. The woman filed a complaint, as did a second employee who witnessed the incident.

Paid $100,000?

Murray and the woman have now reached a financial agreement, the “Puck” report continues. The agreement, in which 100,000 dollars (about 103,000 euros) flowed, also includes a non-disclosure agreement. In addition, the woman waives her right to take legal action against the film companies Searchlight and Disney.

Murray described the incident from his point of view in a CNBC interview: “I had a disagreement with a woman I work with. I did something I thought was funny, but it wasn’t perceived that way.”

However, it shouldn’t be the first time Murray has made an unpleasant impression on set. For example, in her memoir “Dying of Politeness” actress Geena Davis reports on an unpleasant meeting with her colleague. The two worked together on the film “A Crazy Brilliant Coup” in the early 1990s. According to Davis, the first meeting took place in a hotel room. Murray is said to have used a massager on her against her will.

During a shoot, he is also said to have yelled at her in front of everyone else present. “It was bad,” Davis said of the experience in an interview with The Times. “The way he behaved when we first met… I should have walked away or defended myself vigorously, but then I wouldn’t have gotten the part.”

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