In the midst of the march against Petro, they are clamoring for the departure of Mayor Daniel Quintero

Medellín was the city where most of the protesters against the government of the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, were concentrated. PHOTO: Twitter screenshot (@EmmaRincon)

Medellín was the city in Colombia that saw the most protesters on the streets opposing President Gustavo Petro’s government and some of its reforms, such as tax reform. Early on, in places like La Alpujarra, thousands of people would gather, shouting not only speeches against the President, but also against Daniel Quintero, the mayor of that city.

With screams like “From Quintero”, The protesters spoke out against the local president and even called for his resignation from office. By the way, there was also an attack on the press Several reporters from the Telemedellín broadcaster were attacked by some demonstrators.

As more and more people approached the protests, the screams against Quintero Calle increased, as did the speeches and other statements against Petro, who was on the border with Venezuela and opened the land, river and air route after killing more than three was closed for years.

Around noon, the mobilization participants wanted to enter the small square of the administrative center; However, the organizers declined as the event was scheduled to end in Plaza de las Luces. As the concentration went down San Juan Street Chants were heard against the local administration, baptized as the “Band of the Alpujarros”..

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For his part, Mayor Daniel Quintero did not comment on these protests and their reasons; On the other hand, he dismissed the attacks on the Telemedellín journalist team, who were removed from the march with shouts of “Out, bandits”. Through his Twitter account, the President dismissed the actions of the protesters, which he described as far-right.

“Unfortunate attack on the press by far-right protesters in Medellín. My solidarity with the beaten journalists and cameramen”trilled Quintero Calle in the afternoon of this Monday, September 26th.

In Medellín, amid demonstrations against Gustavo Petro’s government, protesters attacked a team of journalists from the Telemedellín broadcaster. Video: via Twitter (@QuinteroCalle)
Via his Twitter account, Mayor Daniel Quintero denied the attack on the press recorded at the march against the Petro government in Medellín. PHOTO: via Twitter (@QuinteroCalle)

On September 23, the former presidential candidate took to Twitter to denounce the scandal surrounding possible irregularities in the contracts of Cali’s public company – Emcali – and the Temporary Union AMI. He also took the opportunity not only to brand Jorge Iván Ospina’s government as “corrupt”, but also to question Daniel Quintero.

As they magnify the disastrous and corrupt office of the mayor of Ospina in Cali, hopefully they will do the same to Quintero in Medellín. Many political and social fronts have warned of the seriousness of what is happening,” said the former right-wing candidate for the presidency of the republic.

In response, the current mayor of the capital of Antioquia replied to Gutiérrez that the current government is one of the most revised “in history”. In passing, he warned him that he was the center of the controversy.

“For this regnal year you have already had a secretary in prison, laid down Hidroituango and you have covered up construction workers. Leave cheap politics and devote yourself to selling popsicles or something like that,” the president trilled. Gutiérrez Zuluaga did not remain silent and defended informal workers in another Twitter post. “All my respect to those who work hard to sell popsicles on the street and raise their families honestly.” manifested.

Quintero Calle replied in a new “round” last Sunday the 25th: “If there was a mayor who went after popsicle sellers, it was Federico“.

Through his Twitter account, Medellín Mayor Daniel Quintero attacked Federico Gutiérrez again PHOTO: via Twitter (@QuinteroCalle)


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