In Memory of Queen Elizabeth: Margrethe Changes Throne Birthday Plans

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In Memory of Queen Elizabeth
Margrethe changes plans for throne jubilee

First, Margrethe II has to postpone her 50th anniversary because of Corona. The festivities for the Danish Queen are now due to take place over the weekend, but after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, some program changes are likely.

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II wants to celebrate her 50th anniversary from the throne this weekend despite the death of Queen Elizabeth II, albeit in a modified form. It was the Queen’s wish to adjust the program for the coming days in view of the death, said the head of communications for the Danish royal family, Lene Balleby, of the Danish news agency Ritzau. The royal family is currently working on a number of adjustments to the program.

Extremely popular with the people, Margrethe has been Queen of Denmark since January 14, 1972. The 80-year-old had actually wanted to celebrate her 50th anniversary on the January deadline, but postponed that until after the summer due to the corona pandemic. Now the big festival as planned for this Saturday and Sunday has to be caught up.

Planned carriage ride through Copenhagen

Among other things, Margrethe wanted to show herself on the balconies of her Amalienborg Palace and Copenhagen City Hall, and in between rides in a carriage through the streets of the Danish capital.

Margrethe had the new British King Charles III. expressed her condolences on Thursday evening. “Your mother was very important to me and my family. She was an outstanding personality among European monarchs and a great inspiration to all of us,” she wrote in a letter to Charles, which the Danish royal family then posted on Instagram. “During her reign, in both difficult and positive times, she played a vital role as a unifying figure, respected and much loved.”

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