“Immediately noticed visually”: Heidi’s top model Lou-Anne loves a football player

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“Find you immediately visible”
Heidi’s top model Lou-Anne loves a football player

In “Germany’s next top model” she leads the way this year. And love apparently goes well with Lou-Anne Gleißenebner-Teskey. This is how she officially introduces her new boyfriend. The two originated via Tinder — even though he’s “a few inches shorter” than she is.

After her win at “Germany’s next top model” (GNTM), Lou-Anne Gleißenebner-Teskey actually has enough to do with runway work. But despite everything, there should always be time for love. And so the 19-year-old now promptly introduces her new boyfriend.

Gleißenebner-Teskey told Bild newspaper that she had been with footballer Cameron McGregor since June. The two met through the dating app Tinder. “I immediately saw him visually,” the Austrian said in an interview with the newspaper. “However, I was also a bit insecure because he is a few centimeters shorter than me.”

After several messages and video calls, they first met in a restaurant in Düsseldorf, continues Gleißenebner-Teskey. “He picked me up like a gentleman from the central station and immediately took my suitcase. That flattered me of course.”

Christmas in New York?

In fact, the two would have known each other before their GNTM win, Gleißenebner-Teskey reveals. So he accompanied her to the GNTM final in May – but they didn’t couple until June. “In the beginning he didn’t really want a committed relationship. When he asked me one question, I was very perplexed and I asked several times if he was really sure,” reveals the model.

The footballer, who is under contract with fifth division TuRU Düsseldorf, comes from New York. It is now the intention to spend Christmas there with both families, reports the newspaper “Bild”.

Lou-Anne Gleißenebner-Teskey took part in the 17th season of GNTM this year with her mother Martina. Both ladies reached the final. The 50-year-old Martina Gleißenebner-Teskey eventually finished in third place.

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