“I’m Not Dead”: Roseanne Barr Returns After Racism Scandal

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“I’m Not Dead”
Roseanne Barr returns after racism scandal

In 2018, actress Roseanne Barr was kicked out of her own sitcom for racist tweets, after which the comedian calmed down. In 2019 she again settled with her former broadcaster, now she returns to the competition.

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr aims for a return to the limelight. The star of the 2018 sitcom “Roseanne” and its offshoot “The Conners” with racist tweets about Valerie Jarrett, adviser to former US President Barack Obama, snapped at herself. But according to “Variety,” she’s now finding a new home with the conservative Fox empire.

In the first quarter of next year, the hour-long “A Roseanne Comedy Special” will air on Fox Nation’s in-house streaming service. Roseanne is “a comedy icon whose humor connects with American audiences like no other,” said Fox Nation president Jason Klarman. Barr had written to Jarrett, “The Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes have had a baby.” The actress later deleted the tweet and apologized to Jarrett and “all Americans”. Her new show will now feature her “typical comedic take on all kinds of topics, no area is off limits,” Klarman announced.

“I’m Not Dead”

It is quite possible that ABC is explicitly covered by this as well. After her verbal derailment on Twitter, Barr was fired from the American broadcaster in 2018. The continuation of the successful series “Roseanne” then continued without the actress as a spin-off “The Conners” – mother Roseanne died an unexpected death in it.

Speaking directly to her ex-employer during a 2019 performance, Barr said: “Dear ABC, when you asked me to save the network again, I did it with the same vigor as always and I gave you the highest ratings in the last ten years, Barr describes the beginning of the newfound collaboration for the sequel to “Roseanne”, however, at the “first sign of a disagreement” she was “killed with a drug overdose,” she continued, referring to her serial death. what, I’m not dead.’

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