“I underestimated that”: Queen Margrethe apologizes

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“I underestimated that”
Queen Margrethe apologizes

Things are rumbling in the Danish royal family. Prince Joachim and his wife Marie are not exactly enthusiastic about going through life “alone” from now on as Count and Countess von Monpezat. But Queen Margrethe has made her decision, even if she regrets it in some way.

After Prince Joachim of Denmark and his family lost their titles, the Danish royal family did not settle down. Those involved have also publicly reacted to the decision in recent days. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in particular clearly tried to limit the damage.

In an official statement, the queen now speaks of “violent reactions” caused by her decision. “Of course that affects me,” says Margrethe.

She does find stripping the titles of her son and his family “necessary” for the future of the monarchy, she emphasizes. “Finding the right moment for difficult decisions (…)” is always complicated, adds the 82-year-old.

“I made my decision as queen, mother and grandmother,” explains Margrethe, “but as a mother and grandmother, I underestimated how affected my youngest son and his family felt.” There she apologizes, according to the queen.

“It’s also family”

Margrethe’s son Prince Joachim, known from the turn of the year as Count von Monpezat, lamented to the Danish newspaper “BT” that he had not spoken to his mother or Crown Prince Frederik and Maria of Denmark since Margrethe’s decision. “It’s also family. Or whatever we want to call it,” said a prince visibly remorseful and moved by the events.

Joachim’s wife, Princess Marie, said their children were “displayed in public” at school, according to “BT”. As parents, they didn’t have time to ‘prepare them for the change and for people’s reactions’.

On September 28, Instagram announced that the titles and forms of address of many members of the Danish Royals would change. From January 1, 2023, Joachim and Marie will be called the Count and Countess of Monpezat. Joachim’s children Nikolai (23), Felix (20), Henrik (13) and Athena (10) are “only” addressed as “Excellence”.

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