‘I can’t believe it’: Meghan allegedly complained about non-payment

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“I can not believe”
Meghan allegedly complained about non-payment

Until her royal departure, one of Meghan’s jobs is to connect with the people – shake hands, smile, wave. According to a new book, she would clearly have complained that there is no money for it. Another new publication casts the ex-actress in a better light.

Accusations have again been leveled against Duchess Meghan. Apparently, Prince Harry’s wife once complained that she wasn’t being paid for some of her royal public appearances. So writes royal expert and author Valentine Low in his new book “Courtiers: The Hidden Power behind the Crown,” from which “The Times” quoted excerpts shortly before publication on Oct. 6.

Palace officials heard Meghan, 41, say: “I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this” after her dates on the royal tour of Australia with Harry in October 2018. She is also said to have failed to understand why she’s handing people over. had to shake and do laps during her performances.

The former ‘Suits’ actress also denounced several palace employees, including a young woman, after she described one of Meghan’s plans as “difficult to execute,” palace insiders say. As a result, some employees would have been afraid of phone calls with the Duchess.

Harry apparently tried

It was not until June this year that allegations of harassment against Duchess Meghan were leveled by a palace employee. The British royal family then started an investigation. However, the results of the investigation report have not been made public. The Duchess has vehemently denied the allegations.

Valentine Low’s all-encompassing book is just one of many releases expected to keep the British royal family busy in the coming weeks. The journalist Katie Nicholl writes in “The New Royals” that it is mainly thanks to the British royal family that the dispute with Harry and Meghan has not yet been resolved. So Harry actively made suggestions for reconciliation, which, however, caused ridicule on the other side. It reads: “Harry suggested we hire an arbitrator to settle the matter. Charles was amused and Camilla spat out her tea. She told Harry it was stupid and we should sort it out among ourselves.”

Journalist and royal expert Angela Levin has written a new biography about the Queen Consort Camilla. According to excerpts from The Daily Telegraph, citing an insider, in her work “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Queen Consort” she explains that Camilla did her best for Duchess Meghan, especially in the early days. She is said to have held private lunches with her and tried to welcome Prince Harry’s wife into the family. However, the latter reacted “bored and indifferent” and preferred to “go their own way”.

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