“I am uncompromising”: Iris Berben has no marriage wish

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“I am uncompromising”
Iris Berben has no wish to get married

Iris Berben has had quite a few relationships in her life. She also had a son. And she certainly would have loved to have led some people down the aisle. But that was never an option for her, the 72-year-old explains.

Iris Berben has been living with her partner Heiko Kiesow for years. A wedding is out of the question for the two, the actress reveals in an interview with “Bunte” magazine.

“Marriage has never been a problem for me in my entire life,” says the 72-year-old. For her, ‘the subject of marriage is also too conservative’. There are “so many bourgeois clichés I can’t hide,” says Berben.

What is also not up for discussion for the actress is a mandate in politics: “There are so many compromises in politics, that’s true. But I am uncompromising by nature. I would be kicked out after the first debate, because I don’t shut up,” she is sure.

She remains loyal to the SPD

Berben has been politically active for years and fights against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism. She publicly supports the SPD. She stays true to the party “in good times and in bad”, the actress explains – something she “cannot say in a marriage”.

Iris Berben and Heiko Kiesow have been a couple since 2007. The two met in the same year while filming “Africa, mon amour”. But Kiesow is not the first man in the life of the actress. In the past, she also had relationships with colleague Fritz Wepper, musician Abi Ofarim and Israeli businessman Gabriel Lewy. She also had a son – now 51-year-old film producer Oliver Berben. But Iris Berben, often referred to as her “dream woman” by participants in previous studies, never married.

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