How to watch the Marvel and Star Wars panel at D23 2022 without a stream

How to watch the Marvel and Star Wars panel at D23 2022 without a stream

Disney’s D23 fan expo has arrived, and the studio shows what’s next for some of its biggest franchises as it showcases from Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Studios on Saturday from 1 p.m. ET. While this panel will be held for fans in attendance during the event, Disney will not be streaming the panel live, so here are a few other ways to keep up to date with any announcements and trailers Disney may be releasing.

The best way to keep up with the event is via Disney’s Various Twitter Accounts. The official Marvel Studios Account will likely tweet along with the presentation as it showcases new parts of the MCU, while the Star Wars Account should cover that segment of the show — though it’s possible a series like Indiana Jones could make an appearance as well. Since the 20th Century Studios segment of the show is fairly new, it’s hard to tell if it will get tweeted because of it studios account or not, but it’s worth following just in case.

There will also likely be live tweet threads from many of the people attending the panel, but for that you’ll just have to keep an eye on your timeline as the event kicks off.

Of course, you can also keep an eye on all our coverage across the panel on our D23 2022 page.

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