How much does a commercial airline pilot earn in Colombia: one of them revealed the figures on social networks

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The monthly salaries of Colombian commercial pilots are in the tens of millions.  Image: Cesar Melgarejo/CEET.
The monthly salaries of Colombian commercial pilots are in the tens of millions. Image: Cesar Melgarejo/CEET.

The industry for several decades aviation in Colombia it is one of the companies that generates the most money every year and there is constant interest in practicing the profession of pilot, not only for the emotions that flying through the air can generate, but also for the money they can see for their work at the end of the month.

Today, pilot training for less than a year in Colombia costs about $90,000, which would be about 408,393,900 million pesos, an extremely high value for those who dream of taking the controls of an airplane. But those who manage to make the expensive career You can rest assured that your investment will be fully recouped in 4 years of work.

Through a video, the channel track in sight He gave details of Colombian pilots’ salaries and the sums that may seem minimal but, according to pilot William Andrés Losada, are enough to make a good living on this side of the world.

First, Losada showed what a co-pilot or better known in aviation as a “First Officer” earns, being part of or hired by major airlines such as LAN Avianca, EasyFly, Viva, and typically piloting ships of up to 70 passengers.

In the deposit slip released by the pilot, it was shown that the co-pilots of these airlines earn fortnightly about 3,700,000 Colombian pesos, that is, per month they would earn about 8,000,000 pesos. On the other hand, a commander or chief pilot of the same fleet would earn nearly $13,000,000 14,000,000 pesos.

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William later explained what the pilots of larger aircraft, such as Airbus A320 or the recognized ones Boeing 737 where most of the commercial flights take place and which normally has a capacity of 100 to 200 passengers. In this case, the first officer or co-pilot would earn 9,000,000 pesos and A chief commander would see a payment of between 13,000,000 and 17,000,000 pesos per month in his bank account.

Later, Losada entered the category of the largest ships, such as the Boeing 767, already considered cargo or with a capacity of up to 375 passengers. The co-pilots present on these aircraft receive a monthly salary of $15,000,000 pesos, while the main pilot would earn between 20,000,000 and 24,000,000 pesos.

Some airlines have several “advantages” in their payment systems, including paying additional money from the 72nd hour of flight.

Finally, William explained that the salary of the pilots depends on the weight that the plane can push. Usually, the structure is given that the bigger the ship, the more salary they get, which is in the range of commercial flights.

In conclusion, the pilot argued that in aviation, the corporate, agricultural, military and general aviation industries have a salary very different from commercial and that their numbers vary according to the pilot’s role.


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