Helene Fischer show in Las Vegas? The Schlager Queen reveals her big dreams

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Back on tour after five years
Helene Fischer dreams of Las Vegas

Celine Dion had it, Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey had it: her own show in Las Vegas. Once down the show steps of Caesars Palace or the MGM Hotel – that would be something for Helene Fischer too. But she is currently training hard for her upcoming tour of German arenas.

Singer Helene Fischer would also like to perform in the American city of Las Vegas. “The little girl in me still dreams of hosting a show like ours in Las Vegas because it would be worth seeing there too,” the 38-year-old told Bild newspaper. . “It’s a beautiful dream, but not something I want to pursue in the short term. Maybe it should just remain a dream.”

First of all, the superstar of the German hits will go on her big tour next year with 70 concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The start is scheduled for March 21, 2023 in Bremen, the last concert on October 8, 2023 in Frankfurt am Main. For the first time she collaborates with the Canadian artist and theater company Cirque du Soleil.

To be fit for her first tour, Helene Fischer started training hard. “I’m going back to my sports program now because I’ve just been lazy lately. I took that out and sometimes really enjoyed doing nothing. But of course I now have to prepare physically for the tour,” the newspaper said.

Especially the acrobatic numbers demanded a lot of muscle power from her. “When I hang out with an artist in the air, those are strengths that I just have to rebuild. I’m not at fitness level yet.” But even after a five-year hiatus from touring, she still dares to do it all. “I am strong-willed, ambitious and motivated to push myself again to the max.”

Helene Fischer does not want to be influenced by the crises from Corona to inflation. “I’m just trying to rid myself of negative thoughts about what might come next spring.” You believe that any form of fear mongering is out of place here. “It’s important to finally feel hope and courage again.”

(This article was first published on Sunday, September 25, 2022.)

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