Health concerns mount as Queen Elizabeth II cancels important appointment

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Concerns about their health are growing
Queen Elizabeth II cancels important appointment

Queen Elizabeth II has been worrying the British about her mobility problems for several months. After staying away from several events recently, she will not be competing in the Highland Games either.

Buckingham Palace recently confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II will not travel to London to inaugurate outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s successor. Now here’s the next cancellation: The monarch misses the famous Highland Games, a traditional sporting event, in Braemar, Scotland.

Instead, the heir apparent Prince Charles would attend the event on Saturday. Media reports say the reason for the monarch’s resignation should be the 96-year-old’s mobility issues. She had struggled with that for the past few months, now and then she was seen walking with a stick.

Tradition in Balmoral Castle

The queen usually takes place in the VIP box during the match, including the log throw while wearing a kilt. The event is part of the standard program of her summer sojourn in Scotland, when she traditionally spends her summer holiday at Balmoral Castle in the Highlands from late July to mid-September.

Walking discomfort is also the reason why the Queen will be escorting the coming change of government from Balmoral over the next week. Both Johnson and his successor will travel to Scotland early next week.

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