He was miraculously saved: a man survived after a huge rock fell on his car due to a landslide in Guerrero

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(Photo: Video/Facebook)
(Photo: Video/Facebook)

Local media reported the story Manuel Rodrigueza 39-year-old man who survived a landslide that occurred on the colony’s hilltop Altamira, Guerrero, which completely crushed the two trucks.

It was the first of October, around noon, when Manuel, while repairing his truck, was first surprised by a noise on the road that leads from Garita to Constituente, followed by the fall of a huge stone. Signs of the imminent landslide that took place seconds later.

The rock that fell on the roof of the car, dude Escort LX, leaving him dismayed as he stood under the truck making repairs. His statement was recovered by local media, where he stated that when he heard the noise caused by the hill breaking off to avoid being crushed with everything and the car explained, he moved immediately as a total loss by the civil defense

The fact that could have ended in tragedy left only a few scratches on the man who was treated by security forces who came to protect the area.

According to the civil defense elements, the softening of the earth due to the recent rains would have been the trigger that caused the landslide of large rocks and earth on Ruiz Cortines Avenue at the height of the Bocamar Colony.

Although the car was completely crushed, the owner managed to get out of harm's way with only a few scratches.  (Photo: Video/Facebook)
Although the car was completely crushed, the owner managed to get out of harm’s way with only a few scratches. (Photo: Video/Facebook)

It should be noted that this incident not only caused the total loss of the two mobile units, but also the closure of vehicular traffic and a pedestrian section of about 50 meters on the avenue.

In addition, this is the second landslide recorded on the street in less than seven days. Apparently both this fact and the previous one are due to the heavy rains recorded in the entity. Last Thursday (September 29) a landslide of stones and earth occurred on a property near the school Psychology from the Autonomous University of Guerrero.

And it is that the night before the locals experienced heavy rains, which resulted in the landslide of a hill on the mountain Avenue Ruiz Cortines, which completely impeded the passage of pedestrians on the sidewalk.

With the event causing large rocks and debris to obscure the passage, hours later these had to be removed from the site using machinery and dump trucks Acapulco City Hall.

It's not the first time this hill has this kind of problem.  (Photo: Video/Facebook)
It’s not the first time this hill has this kind of problem. (Photo: Video/Facebook)

Several students of the Academic Department of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Guerrero and of the Siete Secondary School were affected by this landslide, who had to walk down the avenue at the risk of an accident.

The problem of landslides in the municipality is not new, since September 2014, ie for 8 years, this type of incident has already been recorded, which, although no one has been killed so far, has raised the alarm in the city.

And that year there was a landslide on the hill next to Ruiz Cortines Avenue that caused the closure of vehicular traffic. In addition, local media reported the possibility that some of the houses that were on the edge of the relief were in danger of collapsing due to the washout caused by the September rains.


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