He warned and succeeded, Dr. Simi landed on the impressive Rammstein stage in the CDMX

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dr  Simi at the Rammstein concert.  (Photo: Twitter @karenatalia / @replicante90)
dr Simi at the Rammstein concert. (Photo: Twitter @karenatalia / @replicante90)

The big night came for him dr simi and fans of Ramsteinfinally on this October 1st, after two years of pandemic and postponed dates for the long-awaited concert, the German industrial metal band “light sun forum in their first of three shows they have planned in Mexico City.

Despite the controversial Message published by Rammstein fans, where a few months ago they urged the public not to throw the strange stuffed animal during the band’s presentations that would be held in Mexico. The smiling dr. Simi warned him and managed to sneak into the October 1st concert at Foro Sol, flying through the air and reaching the stage of the imposing German musicians.

Let’s recall that before such a publication, which tried to ban the entry of the doll, Doctor Simi’s official account in Twitter did not remain silent, warning that he was ready to be done present at the event.

And because they asked, I’ll be there. See you friends of #Rammstein”could be read on this social network.

But the situation did not stop there, because next to the publication appeared a photo of Dr. Simis Botarga, disguised as a firefighter (since several Fans have noticed that the band often uses fire in their presentations), with a headband that read: “you have” -one of the group’s representative songs- and carrying a bucket full of his character’s stuffed animals.

Rammstein guitarist Richard put Dr.  Simi on his shoulder while playing.  (Photo: @BryanToriz1)
Rammstein guitarist Richard put Dr. Simi on his shoulder while playing. (Photo: @BryanToriz1)

Today the smiling doctor can claim victory for himself, because the members of Rammstein were very approachable and happy about the flying teddy bear. That was the case Richard Kruspe He put the gold colored Dr. Simi on his shoulder and secured him with his guitar strap to keep him from falling. So the group continued their repertoire and the fire show in front of 65,000 spectators.

In the same way, flak, the band’s keyboardist, managed to capture another stuffed animal at a presentation they recently had in Los Angeles, the photo was taken while the musician was sailing on a zodiac on the tide of fans, hugging him all the way to his return to the stage.

Flake sailed on the tide of fans who hugged the doll that was thrown at him in Los Angeles.) (Photo: @gandhisma
Flake sailed on the tide of fans who hugged the doll that was thrown at him in Los Angeles.) (Photo: @gandhisma

On the other hand, in the days leading up to the German concerts, the rumor spread via the Facebook page “Rammstein is my country”where they revealed alleged “clues” security elements of the Foro Sol had given to fans who camped outside the venue to get a front row seat.

dr Simis, they won’t let you passThey bring orders to check their souls,” the site commented.

Also, hours before the first Rammstein concert, Instagram account @transportes_k shared a video showing the adventure their personalized Rammstein doll embarked on. dr simi to get to the place where the Germans were preparing a show full of fire and pyrotechnics.

Another user, by Tick ​​tock @mrs.norris1 showed the process of personalizing her Dr. Simi, who appears to be the Flake-inspired gold suit that ended up in the band’s hands. Well, the stitching details and embellishments that set it apart are the same, only the hat might have fallen off while flying.

To end the evening, it should be mentioned that contrary to what was assumed, if the members of Rammstein saw the stuffed animals, a bad reaction or something like that could happen, the opposite happened. Because the musicians were always very grateful to their beloved Mexican audience.

And that’s a pattern that’s repeated more than anything in rock or metal bands, as was the case with the massive show Iron Maiden last 8.9. for the English received very happily four stuffed animalssome of which were placed in the battery of Nick McBrain. But the show was stolen by the doll he was raising Bruce Dickinsonthe leader of Iron Maiden, set up the microphone for the smiling doctor to interpret one of his most anticipated songs.

Setlist Rammstein im Foro Sol (October 1, 2022)

– Army of the Dreary


– Left 2-3-4

– Longing

– said Zig

-My heart is burning


-Inherit me




my part

-You have




-You smell so good



-I will


The next concerts Rammstein has planned in Mexico City are this Sunday, October 2nd and next Tuesday, October 4th. dates on which Kruspe, Landers, Lindemann, Schneider and Lorenzdid they reach a sold outso unforgettable shows are expected.

Besides the fact that the German concern had its last presentation in the Aztec countries since 2016, when it headed the cartel Hell and Heaven Festival held at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome.

Photo: Instagram @rammsteinofficial
Photo: Instagram @rammsteinofficial

Dates, routes and opening act for Rammstein in the CDMX

According to information circulating on the social networks of fan sites and what happened at the first concert, Rammstein are going to the Foro Sol stage 8:30 p.m And it has a guest appearance by Duo Jatekoka musical group that will ascend to the platform of the forum 19.00.

It is worth following some of the recommendations of the fans themselves and the logistics of the venue, because since this is a concert with completely sold out tickets, the influx of thousands of people is expected. For its part, Foro Sol will open itss Doors between 4pm and 7pmfor all fans to arrive, settle down and find their best place (the General’s) in the crowd.

Mexico City’s STC Metro is one of the best ways to get to the event and avoid the traffic on the main streets. The metro stations near the Foro Sol are: Sports City, Velodrome or Puebla from line 9.

It’s also important to note that Rammstein used her account prior to her October 1 presentation Twitter to invite all of them blind people that they had their respective ticket to share an intimate moment with those in charge of the show and thus learn everything from their instruments to the route Till Lindemann, Richard Z. Kruspe, Oliver Riedel and company perform routinely before taking the impressive stage.

According to their post, participation was only required to have your ticket to one of the three concerts they will be performing at Foro Sol y send an email to community@rammstein-management.de. So far it is known that experience It will take place next Tuesday, October 4th.before his last date in Mexico City.

Actions of this nature, the shows and the musical legacy that keeps the band alive around the world are the reason why their followers show them a lot of affection.


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