“He lay on me”: Anthony Rapp testifies to Kevin Spacey

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“He lay on me”
Anthony Rapp testifies against Kevin Spacey

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey allegedly sexually assaulted the then 14-year-old Anthony Rapp. The “Star Trek” actor now confirms under oath exactly what happened some 36 years ago. The process is worth up to $40 million.

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey is currently on trial in a New York City court for alleged abuse. In the beginning, the actor Anthony Rapp, known for the series “Star Trek: Discovery”, was on the witness stand. Rapp was one of the first of a number of men to make serious accusations against Spacey over the course of the #MeToo movement and has now sworn them under oath, according to a report by US website “Deadline”.

Rapp sat on the witness stand for about an hour, reporting an “alarming” meeting with the Oscar winner, which is said to have taken place when Rapp, now 50, was 14. He was in New York at the time, trying to get a foothold in the local theater scene as a young actor. So when he finally got in touch with Spacey and was invited to a party at his apartment, he thought nothing of it.

But when he arrived at the party, Rapp found that there were only much older people in attendance. However, he persisted – with dire consequences: When the other guests had left, Spacey came up to him and lifted him – “as a groom carries his bride over the threshold”. Spacey looked dazed, Rapp continued. Spacey then reportedly leaned on him “with his full weight” and held his arms as he pressed his crotch to Rapp’s waist.

Felt like frozen”

“That’s when I knew something was wrong. I felt like I had to get out of there. But I also felt frozen,” Rapp said on the witness stand. He eventually managed to “squirm out from under him”. But Spacey got in his way, blocked the door and asked, “Are you sure you want to leave?” Only then could he leave the apartment.

When asked why he didn’t tell his mother or authorities about the alleged harassment at the time, Rapp replied that he was in trouble, the report said. Because he hadn’t come out as gay at the time and also feared that the allegations against Spacey would hurt his future career.

Rapp will appear on the witness stand again next Tuesday before being questioned by Spacey’s lawyers. Spacey will then give his version of the 1986 incident under oath. The process is worth up to $40 million.

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