'He can't wrestle me, he just can't' - Marvin Vettori challenges Robert Whittaker to wrestle him at UFC Paris, says he's a nightmare matchup for former champion

‘He can’t wrestle me, he just can’t’ – Marvin Vettori challenges Robert Whittaker to wrestle him at UFC Paris, says he’s a nightmare matchup for former champion

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Marvin Vettori is a fiery young fighter who has all the potential in the world to be the best in his division. However, in order to accomplish this ambition, he has a very difficult challenge ahead of him. His next fight is against former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker.

Struggle Whittaker is not easy. Not only is he the former division champion but he’s only been beaten by the current middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya. Other than that, Whitaker has been unbeatable. It is very rare that he is seen to be over-qualified or surpassed. He’s a complete MMA fighter, who has many ways to get a big win for himself.

Both are ready to fight at UFC Paris, If Vettori beats Whittaker, he would probably go to the top of the list. The “Italian Dream” will be optimistic about his chances of winning because, as he told the press this week, he believes his fighting skills are developing while Whittaker’s are not.

In the interviewhe stated, “He’s a great fighter and I don’t believe he trains for cruising, but the hunger is quite different. We’re different. I’m going uphill, he’s not.

When asked how he sees the fight with Whittaker, if he plans to take him down and tackle, he said: “He can’t attack me, he just can’t. I can do anything I want. It’s MMA at the end of it. I fight very well against him.”

Robert Whittaker responds to Marvin Vettori

When he spoke to the media this week, “The Harvester” was asked about his response to Vettori’s remarks. What Whittaker said was this, “He’s wrong, I think I’m getting better. I think there are hard facts to prove that I am improving. I think the increase in wins is tangible proof that I am improving. I think the way that second fight with Adesanya went is tangible proof that I am improving. So I think I’m better.

Robert is consistent with how he responded to Vettori. To say that Whitaker hasn’t improved would be an ignorant and unreasonable statement. Because of this, his second fight against Israel was far more competitive than the first and since his first loss to the champion, he has fought world class fighters with different skill sets and beaten them impressively.

However, nothing is predicted with certainty in this sport. Marvin could very well be aware of this and would purposely make such a statement to get into Whitaker’s head. What do you think could be the reason? Let us know.

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