“He can call me boss”: Sophia Thomalla does it with Lukas Podolski

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“He can call me boss”
Sophia Thomalla does it with Lukas Podolski

Sophia Thomalla is not only an eye-catcher, but also very smart and businesslike. So she knows exactly how best to advertise a company in which she has invested herself: in sexy outfits. She is now supported by none other than Lukas Podolski.

Sophia Thomalla has done it again: The construction industry also has a calendar in 2023, for which she will pose in revealing outfits amid gravel, gravel and huge construction equipment.

Responsible for this is “Schüttflix”, a logistics platform for bulk goods, transport and disposal, which has produced the calendar for the fourth time with the 33-year-old. Just like Pirelli, only with oversized construction machines instead of overpowered race cars – that’s roughly how the factory should envision.

In 13 motifs by celebrity and fashion photographer Andra, Thomalla shows herself scantily clad on construction sites and next to large machines. This also applies to her own business: after all, she has been an investor in the company since 2019.

“Poldi” as “Mad Max”

Women’s bodies, construction site charm and great companions – with so many obvious cliché allusions, the number 1 men’s sport cannot be missed: football. Behold: Lukas Podolski, 2014 world champion, can also be seen on two motifs in this year’s calendar.

For example, “Poldi” plays “Mad Max” with a flamethrower in one photo, while kicking a soccer ball in a suit in another. And of course Thomalla walks around in sexy outfits.

Even Podolski’s effort is not entirely altruistic. After all, he has been under contract as a brand ambassador for the company since the summer and should strive for internationalization, especially in his home country Poland. Co-owner Thomalla jokes in a video: “He can now officially call me boss.”

Incidentally, the idea to create a calendar around the building materials platform came from the presenter herself, ‘Schüttflix’ founder Christian Hülsewig revealed in a podcast last year. He has “totally underestimated” the idea, the calendar was “hit”.

It seems to be a success again this year: Huelzelwig reports that the calendar has had “great response”, so that only a few copies will appear on the free market. The rest of the edition goes to partners and customers of the company.

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