Harry alone in Balmoral: Charles didn’t want Meghan with him

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Harry alone in Balmoral
Charles didn’t want Meghan there

Neither Princess Kate nor Duchess Meghan will travel to the Queen’s deathbed. While there is an explanation for Prince William’s wife, it is initially unclear why Harry’s wife did not fly to Scotland. According to a recent report, the order came from the top.

King Charles III Apparently he asked his son Prince Harry not to take his wife, Duchess Meghan, to Balmoral Castle, as he and other senior members of the royal family stood with the dying Queen Elizabeth II. That reports the British medium “The Sun”.

It was a bit of a lucky coincidence that Harry and Meghan were in the country when the Prince’s grandmother died. Despite the conflicts of recent years and although no family reunion was planned at the Queen’s summer residence, it was immediately said that Harry and Meghan were on their way to Scotland. However, in the end only Harry flew to the family, Meghan stayed at her British home Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor property.

The Sussex couple have reportedly changed their mind after Prince Harry received a call from his father at Frogmore Cottage asking not to take Meghan with them. Charles reportedly told Harry it was not right or appropriate for Meghan to be in Balmoral at such a sad time, a source told the newspaper.

Harry was also warned that Princess Kate, Prince William’s wife, was not traveling and that deathbed visits should be limited to immediate family. What exactly happened is a matter of speculation.

Will Meghan also stay away from the funeral?

Only the monarch’s two eldest children – Charles and Princess Anne – were present when the Queen passed away. Their other children, Andrew and Prince Edward, flew in as soon as possible with Prince William, who is now first in line to the throne. Edward was accompanied by his wife Sophie, who was adored as a second daughter by Queen Elizabeth II and was probably present at her request.

Against this background, the words Charles addressed to Harry and Meghan on Friday night in his first address to the nation take on special meaning. “I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives abroad,” the king said before the audience.

Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that Duchess Meghan has canceled several scheduled New York performances scheduled for the day after the Queen’s presumed funeral date. The Duchess of Sussex was set to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on September 20, the same day she and Prince Harry were also due to attend the UN General Assembly in Manhattan. Meghan is also said to be planning to delay the release of the next episode of her podcast Archetypes. This was scheduled for next Tuesday on Spotify, ‘Page Six’ reports.

Fox News has speculated that Meghan was unable to attend the Queen’s funeral. So the background could be that the Duchess didn’t want to leave her small children, three-year-old Archie and one-year-old Lilibet, at home alone for so long and was therefore able to fly back to the US earlier.

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