“Half is done”: Sara Nuru is pregnant

“Half Is Through”
Sara Nuru is pregnant

NDR presenter Bettina Tietjen announced a different kind of “breaking news” in her talk show regarding guest Sara Nuru. The entrepreneur and winner of the 2009 edition of “Germany’s Next Top Model” is pregnant – explaining how she lifts everything in life.

Sara Nuru announced a cheerful personal message when she attended – or rather announced – the “NDR Talk Show”. “You can hardly see it, but we can announce the latest news on this show. Something is on the way,” explains moderator Bettina Tietjen. “Halfway through,” added Nuru, who fears a “bad omen” if she reveals the exact month of her pregnancy. However, she was in “joyful anticipation”. Nuru is still known by many as the winner of “Germany’s next top model” from 2009. She now appears mainly as an entrepreneur.

In 2016, Nuru co-founded the company “nuruCoffee” with her sister, which supports Ethiopian women with microcredit by selling coffee. Her sister gave birth to her daughter five months ago and “we take turns now. When she comes back, I feel like I’m gone,” Nuru said.

It’s actually not easy to start a business and reconcile it with family planning. “We feel that now. But my sister has her baby with her in Calls now, it works. Millions of women have done it for me, so I will too.” Both women also have “great partners” at home who support them.

Still, the founding ran into some stumbling block, as Nuru explained in another interview recently. “Many people know me because of my participation in ‘Germany’s next top model’ – which is not always an advantage,” said Nuru. “Especially in the beginning I was underestimated and not taken seriously.” In addition, the majority of start-ups are still founded by men. “Women just have a harder time starting a business.”

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