Grounds for denying US citizenship: a list of sanctions

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  • Every year, about 10% of applications for citizenship are denied for various reasons
  • In some cases a complaint is possible, but there are certain reasons that lead to a final refusal
  • Find out the reasons you could be denied US citizenship

Find out the reasons why you could be denied US citizenship! Approximately 730,000 applications for US citizenship are approved each year; of these applications, around 10% are rejected.

According to immigration experts, the N-400 naturalization form is one of the least complex, but this does not guarantee that the immigration authorities will approve the citizenship application. Know the reasons why they might reject this process!


4. Tax Violations


Obtaining US citizenship not only requires meeting requirements such as having lived somewhere in the United States for at least five years or being able to write, speak and understand the English language at least at a basic level; in addition, it must be proven that the stay in the country took place without any legal or tax problems.

This means that the applicant must be current on paying their taxes and have no outstanding debts to the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. Any fault or delay could be grounds for rejection even if the other requirements are met.

3. Failure to comply with the law


Lack of morals or non-compliance with the law is one of the most common reasons for denial of a US citizenship application. Moral offenses can include activities such as prostitution, gambling, failure to perform duties such as child support, or imprisonment in the 180 days prior to the request.

The Citizenship and Immigration Service will conduct an extensive investigation to determine that the new citizens pose no threat to the country and that they are of the character necessary to comply with the laws and norms of coexistence in the United States.

2. Failing the naturalization test will result in denial of citizenship

An answer sheet as a naturalization test idea

Obtaining US citizenship requires first passing an exam that reflects a broad knowledge of the laws, history, and political structure of the United States through a series of around a hundred open-ended questions.

Good news for US citizenship applicants is that Citizenship and Immigration Services has official documents so people can prepare in advance and each applicant has two chances to pass this quiz.

1. Fraudulent application for citizenship

A man checks documents that could be citizenship

There are at least two circumstances that could alert the authorities to possible fraud by the applicant; Even a small error in the form would be grounds for denial of citizenship, as it would reflect a discrepancy between the official information provided and the statements made by the future US citizen.

The presentation of a fake residence permit is also an immediate reason for rejection and can even lead to serious legal problems for the residents. Therefore, it is recommended that you seek the advice of an attorney who specializes in legal issues and procedures related to obtaining US citizenship.

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