Gregory Rodrigues rejects the nickname "Robo Obama"

Gregory Rodrigues rejects the nickname “Robo Obama”

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Gregory Rodrigues rejected the idea of ​​changing his nickname from Robo-Cop to Robo-Obama at the UFC Vegas 60 Media Day.

The Brazilian co-main events tonight against Chidi Njokuani at UFC Fight Night: Sandhagan vs Song. The 30-year-old middleweight enters the fight on the heels of a knockout win over Julian Marquez. 3-1 overall in the UFC, ‘Robo-Cop’ is slowly heading towards a marquee opponent but must face a dangerous opponent in Njokuani to get there.

Speaking to the media ahead of his fight, everything seemed to be going according to plan, until a reporter asked him if he had thought more about Robo-Obama’s nickname. Given his questionable resemblance to the former president, it was a fair question.

When asked if he had considered changing his nickname from Robo-Cop to Robo-Obama, Rodrigues replied:

“Come on bro, I’m going to jump on you right here,” Rodrigues laughed, “Man, Obama is old. Obama is a nice president, but I’m handsome, come on.

Gregory Rodrigues seemed somewhat bewildered as if the point he just made couldn’t be more obvious.

“Why are you calling me Obama’s man, he’s an old dude. Come on guys, I’m young. I’m in my 30s and guys say I look like I’m in my 50s.

A slight sincere groan of sympathy was emitted among the media, as Rodrigues seemed genuinely hurt for a brief moment. The dignitary impersonator then said that all the jokes were good, because he already had everything he needed in terms of approval, at home.

“I’m a happy man, I’m already married, and my wife is beautiful.”, restoring the somewhat empathetic viewers to a more jovial mood.

Rodrigues ended with a few more jokes about the new nickname that was imposed on him before saying firmly in closing, “I’m Robo-Cop.”

Do you prefer Robo-Cop or Robo-Obama?

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