Good Omens Season 2 Panel At NYCC Reveals Characters And Release Date

Good Omens Season 2 Panel At NYCC Reveals Characters And Release Date

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The Amazon Prime and BBC Show Good omens was a prodigious miniseries that not only adapted Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 novel of the same name, but also sparked new fans and rekindled old passions. The show, like the book, follows a hedonistic angel named Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and a reluctantly noble demon named Crowley (David Tennant) who team up to save the world from an impending apocalypse. And although Pratchett died before a sequel was ever written, a second season of the show was announced in 2021.

However, aside from the return of notable cast members and the involvement of Gaiman, little has been revealed about this mysterious sequel. And at a New York Comic Con panel this year, Gaiman didn’t reveal much more at first.

“It will be about six episodes,” Gaiman said.

“And Aziraphale and Crowley will be in it,” he added Good omens director Douglas Mackinnon.

“I’ll say there are some love stories in there,” Gaiman continued. “I’ll say you’ll learn a lot about Jane Austen that you didn’t know before. There is much more heaven and much more hell.”

Photo: Chris Raphael/Amazon Studios, BBC Studios

Eventually, however, Gaiman, Mackinnon and executive producer Rob Wilkins (longtime business manager and friend of Pratchett’s) did reveal that the second season will come in the summer of 2023. And while they were pretty quiet about plot details, they did offer some new character details. On stage, they were joined by Maggie Service and Nina Sosanya, who played two of the nuns from the first season and will play two completely different characters in the second, along with new cast member Quelin Sepulveda, who will join in a role all new to the Good omens universe: an angel named Muriel.

Gaiman spoke a little bit about the creation of this new character.

“When [Good Omens writer] John Finnemore and I talked about what we wanted in season 2, we realized that one thing we didn’t have in heaven, other than Aziraphale, were kind, well-meaning angels,” he explained. “All we had were bastards.”

Muriel, a dark-haired woman in a pale suit, standing in a cream-colored room in Good Omens

Photo: Mark Mainz/Amazon Studios, BBC Studios

That’s how they created Muriel. And as Sepulveda described the character, she’s “so gullible and curious and she’s a little talkative.”

“Muriel has spent about 6,000 years or more in the same office in heaven,” Gaiman said. “Just archive stuff and read stuff, hoping someone will come in and make the day more interesting.”

In addition to Muriel, Gaiman talked about some other new characters. Miranda Richardson, who played the mad medium Madam Tracy, is part of the cast for Season 2, but this time as Shax, a demon who has come to Earth to replace Crowley. And she’s not the only character written with old cast members in mind.

“There were two characters in it and I wanted them to be played by Maggie and Nina,” said Gaiman. “And to make it clear to anyone reading the script that those characters would be played by Maggie and Nina, I named them Maggie and Nina.”

“I think it was a little lazy,” Mackinnon added.

“I’m playing Maggie,” Service said with a laugh. “She runs a record store next to Aziraphale’s bookstore in SoHo. It is a shop that has been passed down from generation to generation. My shop look looks over…”

“Another shop!” said Sosanya and jumped in. ‘That’s a coffee shop. It’s called Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death. Nina is a little more fussy than me. She runs this independent coffee shop in SoHo. She gets along well with people entering a coffee shop in SoHo. She is not afraid to interact with people.”

Maggie, a blond woman in a yellow vest, standing in a record store in Good Omens

Image: Amazon Studios, BBC Studios

a woman with dark dreadlocks grins in front of a shop that says GIVE ME COFFEE OR GIVE ME DEATH

Photo: Mark Mainz/Amazon Studios, BBC Studios

Tennant and Sheen joined Jon Hamm, who plays the angel Gabriel, via Zoom at the end of the panel and asked them a few questions from fans. Although Sheen and Tennant couldn’t be there in person, the cast and filmmakers spoke at length about them — especially when it came to sharing stories from Season 1.

“The truth was that Michael was meant to play Crowley,” said Gaiman. “[Then] I wrote a scene where Crowley comes down the aisle of a church, hopping like a man on a beach on a hot day, because it’s Holy Ground, and then I thought… David Tennant would be good at that.”

Gaiman recalled an awkward dinner when he first showed Sheen the script and spent the night trying to summon the audacity to tell Sheen that he wanted him to play Aziraphale instead of Crowley — only to find out that Sheen was exactly the same. thought.

As for entering this new era without an accompanying text—and even more disheartening, without Terry Pratchett—the producers knew they had an uphill task, but said they were doing their best to honor Pratchett’s legacy.

“It’s interesting to do season 2 without the book,” Mackinnon said. “What Neil and the other writers wrote for us is Lake Good omensand it has Terry right through it.”

“I want to bring Terry to the set every day, but it’s not a difficult task,” Wilkins said. “Because everyone knows that the book has two authors. And Neil is there every day.”

The first season of Good omens streams on Prime Video. The second will come next summer. View the new poster:

an angel and a demon standing back to back, their wings forming a heart, with a big 2 and a halo over it in front of them, in the poster for the second season of Good Omens

Image: Amazon Studios, BBC Studios

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